New products

Windermere’s Scottie & Russell gift shop offers new products and expands business

A POPULAR gift shop in Windermere is looking to branch out and link up with other businesses.

Scottie and Russell, located on Crescent Road, was founded in 2012 as an online business but became a boutique six years ago.

Under the ownership of Lucy Bee, who has lived in the area since the age of five, the boutique has earned a solid reputation in the area and built up a loyal clientele.

The gift shop is currently looking to expand its business and build brand awareness with the help of other businesses.

Lucy said: “We were founded in 2012 and were originally online. The shop has been a really nice addition to things.

“It’s been really good to move on to that. Things have changed a lot since Covid but a lot of our sales have picked up on the online side.

“It’s nice to have that one-on-one experience with customers and see people in the flesh rather than being on a laptop.

” I really appreciated.

“My family has always owned businesses and I really wanted to be an actor when I was younger. I did TV work on Hollyoaks, which was fun.

“I set this up as a secondary way of making money, but over time it really took off and became a real passion.

“I called it a day with acting and I’m glad I got this business.

“At the company, it’s myself and two other employees. My mom helps me when I do trade shows on the road, and we try to throw more of a sale side to things that we sell in other stores.

“It would be another arm which is exciting.

“We sell a lot of home gifts, women’s fashion, baby gifts, and some of our best sellers are our skincare products and our candles.

“We actually recently launched a new range of Scottie and Russell mugs.

“In the future, we would like to aim for more things online. We hope to do more country shows and we would like to add a few more to our list.

“I would really like to thank everyone who has supported us and especially the girls who work with me.”