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What the Discovery-Warner merger means for TLC shows

Find out how the 90 Day Fiancé franchise will be impacted by the Warner Bros-Discovery merger. Learn more about how Discovery+ will be affected.

TLC’s parent company, Discovery, is now merging with Warner Bros., and this monumental business decision will have a significant impact on the whole 90 day fiance franchise and how fans will be able to watch the series and its spinoffs in the future. On May 17, 2021, AT&T announced that its subsidiary Warner Bros. would merge with Discovery to become a unified entertainment conglomerate. Warner had operated under AT&T since 2018 when it was acquired by the tech giant. Going forward, however, Warner Bros. will no longer operate as a subsidiary of parent company AT&T.


As AT&T focuses on its core telecommunications-related products and services, the company will exit Warner Bros. In turn, Warner will merge with Discovery and operate as the Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate in the near future. This will allow Warner to remain a competitive brand in the entertainment industry as it competes with Disney/Hulu, NBCUniversal, Paramount/ViacomCBS, Netflix, and other studios and streaming services. On March 11, 2022, the Warner Bros-Discovery merger was approved by shareholders.

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As reported by Variety, conglomerate Warner Bros. Discovery will combine the two companies’ existing streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+, respectively. At first, the idea was that these services would remain separate and offered as a package (similar to the Disney+ package with Hulu and ESPN). Alas, plans have changed. In the near future, HBO Max and Discovery+ will officially become a single service with content ranging from HBO game of thrones at TLC 90 day fiance. In the grand scheme of things, the biggest impact this will have on 90 day fiance viewers in the United States is that they will likely have to move their subscriptions from Discovery+ to HBO Max.


With the HBO Max platform boasting over 70 million subscribers and Discovery+ around 20 million, it’s more than likely that Warner Bros. Discovery will rely on HBO Max’s brand recognition and subscription base when of this merger. While it’s possible that HBO Max will be rebranded to accommodate all incoming Discovery+ content, it’s likely that Discovery+ will come under HBO Max’s fold, not the other way around. As a result, 90 day fiance fans used to paying $4.99/month (ads) or $6.99/month (ads-free) for Discovery+ should start to get to grips with the idea of ​​paying $9.99/month (ads) or $14.99/month (ad-free) for HBO Max to watch their favorite franchise.

All things considered, it will likely cost TLC viewers a bit more to watch the 90 day fiance seasons and spinoffs available through Discovery+. That said, this unified streaming service will offer a lot more content to its subscribers that goes beyond TLC shows. Still, it’ll be a major change of pace – and cost – for diehards. 90 day fiance Fans.

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