New business

This new company offers DMV services

When deciding where to locate their title and label business, Rose and Tom Mazza had no doubt that Ripley was the right place.

“With surrounding areas having to go to DMV sites, this seemed like the perfect fit,” Rose said. “Even with another title spot in town, the area is certainly big enough to support two.”

The Mazzas, owners of the new L&M Tag & Title Place, offer many Department of Motor Vehicles services.

“We pretty much do titles of all kinds,” Tony said. “We do trailers, boats, vehicles, just about anything except salvage. It’s much more complicated. »

The whole process of obtaining a new title, or transferring one, can be complicated. The Mazzas say the key is to listen to the customer and find out exactly what they need.

“You’d think it would all be cut and dried,” Rose said with a smile. “But each story can be a little different. This is why it is important to be a good listener.

Coming from a customer service background gives Rose that listening experience. Finding ways to help the customer save money is also important to her.

“If I can find a way to help them be more economical, I will,” she said.

Research is sometimes the answer. There are a myriad of titles and tags that a client might need.

“A rebuild title is needed for a vehicle that hasn’t run for a while, but is now ready to be on the road,” Tony said. “Sometimes temporary tags are needed if the title is for someone else. There are all kinds of situations.”

The company can also help with license plates. They point out that vanity plates are more expensive and that renewing them is also more expensive. Worn or discolored plates can be replaced and the new title can help with that.

Tony and Rose Mazza work together in their title and tag business.

Going the extra mile, literally, is something the Mazzas will do for their customers. If the paperwork needs to be sped up, Rose will drive to the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles in Charleston to make sure she’s there when it opens.

“We’re really there for the customer,” she said.

The day-to-day operations of the tag and title service are mostly in Rose’s hands.

“I have my day job,” Tony said. “I work as a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Charleston.”

Rose says there are a lot of ifs in the business, but the customer should always bring three things with them.

“We will still need to see the current title, proof of insurance and tax receipts,” she said. “Your best bet is to give us a call and see if there’s anything else you need.

As for fees, the base cost is $30 plus DMV fees. This includes a 6% tax on the purchase price of the vehicle. An additional $15 is added if an expedited title is required. This is where the trip to Charleston comes in.

The Mazzas, who live in Liberty, say opening a small-town business has been a great experience.

“Small towns are best,” Rose said. “We meet all kinds of people and there’s just a welcoming atmosphere.”

The tag and title business, located at 344B S. Church St., is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.