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This crazy catalog makes you want to start a new business

There are very few posts that you can open on any page and find something of interest. If you are an entrepreneur, the legendary Uline Catalog is definitely one of those publications.

At 795 pages (excluding index), and printed in four-color on glossy paper, it weighs almost as much as my cat. And it contains (as it says on the back cover in an unusually cheesy font) “everything under the sun to help your business run”.

Just to be clear, I have never spoken to anyone at Uline, I have never ordered anything from Uline, and I have no idea why they are sending me this catalog. But whenever it happens, I sit and leaf through it, usually for an hour or more.

As I write this column, I am opening a random page.

OKAY. Here are different types of laser labels: labels that peel off easily, labels that cover old labels, weather resistant labels, transparent labels and what is called a “label holder” whatever. that is.

Another random page and I find all kinds of weatherproof clothing, from fleece parkas ($ 110 in quantity three or more) to disposable ponchos ($ 18 per pack if you buy 24 packs with 12 ponchos per pack).

The next random page contains equipment for safely handling “compounds”. I have no idea what “compounds” are, but if you have any, I guess you would like to keep them under safe control. (One item is a “hazardous material absorbent.” I’m afraid.)

I don’t need any of these items, but it’s kind of heartwarming to know that if I wanted to order them, I would get exactly what I ordered, which is certainly not always the case when I order from Amazon, for example.

Either way, I can’t browse the Uline catalog without wanting to start a new business. Like, immediately. The Uline catalog gives me the impression that all the problems and obstacles I might encounter can be solved with just one order.

I can’t imagine how much it costs to print the Uline catalog, but it costs over $ 50 a copy. For this reason, I hesitate to suggest that you ask for a catalog, but if you ever have the opportunity to leaf through one, I bet you will feel the same entrepreneurial urge.

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