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The Hottest New Products In The Bike Trade In July – Gear

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest cycling industry products this month featuring Orbea, Rondo, Tailfin, Garmin, Li-Fe, ABUS, Topeak, Peaty’s and Spada, plus a look at what’s on offer. editor Alex Ballinger rode

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Editor’s Tower
This month, we’re giving you an overview of what we’ve covered. Editor Alex Ballinger toured local bike parks on a Canyon Spectral

The Southwest is a mountain biker’s dream. You can travel just about any direction from my home in Bristol and be on quality trails in about an hour. From the humble loops of Ashton Court to iconic Welsh trails, I’m lucky to live in a part of the world well suited to off-road enthusiasts.

To properly explore what the Southwest has to offer, I tested the relatively new Canyon Spectral 125, a short-travel 29er built for the toughest terrain. With 125mm of travel in the rear and 140mm in the front, a low frame and geometry very similar to its 150mm-travel counterpart, the Spectral embodies that do-it-all nature that riders can appreciate.

The problem that many consumers will face when getting into mountain biking is the abundance of choice when it comes to travel. In recent years the range of bikes on offer has become increasingly specialized in all disciplines, from climbing road bikes to aero machines and gravel crossovers, from lightweight cross-country mountain bikes to big travel enduro rigs, the choice can be almost overwhelming, and not everyone gets it right the first time.

Exploring the used market, listings are filled with consumers selling because they want bigger, smaller, different wheels, different geometry. While there will always be that committed hardcore of cyclists who want a home and garage filled with every variation of bike, for the larger proportion of consumers versatility will be key.

I come from a slightly disparate background of cycling, from BMX to road cycling and time trials, so when it comes to mountain bikes I want something that does everything from big jumps to slogs in climb. Riding My Local Trails clearly showed the importance of bike selection and how retailers can help guide the buyer through the tricky maze of buyer’s remorse.

Kemen and Kemen SUV
Mark: Orbea
Distributer: Orbea

Orbea has launched the new Kemen and Kemen SUV, two models of electric bikes “to escape from everyday life”. Orbea designed the Kemen and Kemen SUVs around the Shimano EP8 motor, with a torque of 85 Nm. Unlike other e-bike models like Rise or Urrun, the brand has equipped Kemen with standard software. Orbea’s engineering team combined this motor with the 540 Wh battery output in its Rise. The interior of the battery is made up of 21 to 700 cells which optimize the energy density. Its integration into the frame also reduces overall weight and improves frame rigidity. The result is “unbeatable efficiency,” Orbea said, reaching high ranges of up to five hours of pedaling. In addition, Kemen and Kemen SUV offer the possibility of mounting a 252 Wh range extender.

Recommended retail price: From £3,599 to £4,299

Mark: Rondo
Distributer: Direct lines

Rondo launched the Ratt – the “next step” in the off-road movement. Engineers have combined their road and gravel bike expertise into one bike. The sophisticated geometry of the Ratt carbon frame combined with the wide 650B tires keeps the overall wheel diameter small. The larger contact patch of the wider tires resists external forces better, providing “exceptional” traction and stability with reduced rolling resistance without adversely affecting speed. The Ratt is available in two model variants: the CF1 and the CF2. The CF1 comes with a Shimano GRX RX800 group, Rondo X Hunt 650B wheels and 47 millimeter wide Vittoria Terreno Zero tires. The CF2 is spec’d with a Shimano GRX RX400 groupset and Rondo Lit wheels.

Recommended retail price: Rondo Ratt CF1 €4299.99, Rondo Ratt CF2 €3399.99

V-Mount Packs
Mark: caudal fin
Distributer: caudal fin

Bristol-based bikepacking brand Tailfin have released their latest innovation, a bag system designed for bikes without dedicated racks. V-Mount packs are for riders looking for a hassle-free system, as the product fits directly onto the frame without damaging the paint. The V-Mount system is a patented design, which consists of an aluminum base plate and a removable soft rubber boot. The removable, grippy rubber boot then helps secure the bags to the frame without slipping.

Recommended retail price: 1.7L – £60/$75/€75, 3L – £70/$85/€85

Edge 1040 Solar
Mark: Garmin
Distributer: Garmin

Bike computer giant Garmin has released its latest version of the Edge GPS device, with 4 solar charges and 100 hours between charges. The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar is believed to be the first cycling computer that uses solar energy to help power the device, dramatically increasing the time between charges. “Riders expect as much from their GPS bike computer as they do from themselves, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Edge 1040 Solar,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin. “Durable, accurate, and ready to go the distance, the Edge 1040 Solar is the pinnacle of GPS bike computers. No matter where you ride or what bike you choose to ride, the Edge 1040 Solar is ready for any adventure. , from remote gravel trails to epic climbs.

Recommended retail price: £629.99, or £519.99 for the non-solar Edge 1040

350 More
Mark: Life
Distributer: Tandem group cycles

Utilizing its powerful 350W motor and 6.0Ah lithium battery, the all new Li-Fe 350 Plus is capable of 15.5mph up to 12.5 miles. Designed with practicality in mind, everything that can be integrated has been – the handlebar display, lighting and cables are all neatly stored within the body of the scooter, eliminating any risk of damage or snagging . With solid tires and an IP55 rating, you can also ride safe in the knowledge that flat tires are a thing of the past and getting caught in the shower is no longer an issue.

Recommended retail price: £399.99

Mark: A BUS
Distributer: additional UK

Take the deep fit of modern mountain bike helmets, the head shape of the GameChanger racing bike helmet and add a dose of sci-fi style for the road. Now add the magnetically attached rechargeable rear LED and voila – you have a modern helmet for the city. On the back of the head is a magnetic USB light strip that has four different light modes. The illumination duration varies depending on whether Power Mode, Eco Mode, Blink Mode or Pulse Mode is active. For anyone who rides a bike with style and protection, there’s no better option than the ABUS HUD-Y Urban helmet.

Recommended retail price: £129.99

Topeak Backloader X
Mark: Topeak
Distributer: additional UK

A large capacity seat bag specially designed for bikepackers who want to transport their equipment in a simplified way without the need for a rear rack. Anti-slip/scratch reinforced fabric protects the saddle while the advanced mounting system allows convenient and secure mounting to the seat post and saddle rails. Easy access waterproof carry bag and integrated air release valve to keep the bag compact and dry during your next adventure.

Recommended retail price: £84.99-£94.99

Tubeless Holeshot by Peaty sealant
Mark: peat
Distributer: United Kingdom

Peaty’s has been testing and refining different sealant formulations since the day it launched its tubeless sealant in 2017. Using elite riders and mechanics, as well as your everyday wrench and weekend warrior, Peaty’s tested 23 different formulas using the latest state-of-the-art sealant technology to make the best sealant available today. The new formula is thinner and more mobile in the tire and seals large holes at all pressures thanks to its environmentally friendly biofibers. Available in 120ml sachets up to 25 liter workshop drum.

Recommended retail price: From £7.99

Howitzer MTB Helmet, Titan Enduro Jacket, Orion Road Pants
Mark: Spada
Distributer: Spada

British clothing brand Spada has branched out into the motorcycle market, offering mountain bike kit for trail riders. The Spada range includes a complete wardrobe, from socks and gloves to shorts and jerseys, but the standout products are the Howitzer helmet, the Enduro Titan jacket and the Route Orion pants. Designed for an affordable price, but with all the features that hardened trail riders demand, Spada’s kit was developed with the help of 4X champion Scott Beaumont.

Recommended retail price: Howitzer MTB helmet €79.99, Enduro Titan jacket €139.99, Orion Road pants €89.99