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The high-end mobile accessories brand, VARNi by Krishan Mali launches new products to seduce its customers

New Delhi [India], Jan 25 (ANI/ATK): VARNi, the national premium mobile accessories brand, has launched new products in its exquisite range to cover the entire range of mobile accessories topics with supreme quality products and the better customer experience. The brand has already established its market through its affordable yet premium products which include wireless speaker, headphones, wireless headphones, power banks, mobile battery, USB cables, touch screen , LCD screen, spare parts, mobile case and much more.

Founded in 2009 by VARNi Technology, VARNi has many years of marketing experience and is a one-stop design research and development production company to provide better quality of mobile phone accessories products, especially in INDIA . The brand aims to create value, let customers experience the fashionable trend of electronic product development, and contribute to the growth of economy. products constitute a reasonable product style, an effective marketing plan, a highly effective internal management system, and the life of the corporate culture atmosphere in the domestic market to establish a good reputation – highlighting the value of company brand. This further improves the global sales network and laid a solid foundation.

Speaking about the visionary brand, founder Krishan Mali said, “With the rise of digital marketing in India, many still had to rely on Chinese products as they were affordable. This is what led to the creation of VARNi. We are currently focused on establishing a strong customer base with high-quality products that are affordable yet premium.Driven by values ​​and fueled by passion, we bring exquisite experience to our customers to achieve a enhanced user experience and enjoy products that live up to industry standards.” “Made In India, Vocal For Local, Promote Local, I mean those are good slogans, but you also have to do something, more than just write it. I thought about it and ventured into it. purchase of machinery and gained knowledge to run a business.. I started my own business, Varni, manufacturing products in India.”

“India is a great country, we are a young nation with untapped potential for progress. If we put our hearts into it, we can be the driving force in the field of digital manufacturing, rather than just a base of consumers,” he added. Varni is the leading premium mobile accessories brand in India, covering the whole spectrum of mobile accessories and plans to expand its horizons to other parts of the country to boost its sales and generate revenue through this.

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