New products

The Fab 4 of the New Arrivals Zone at the PGA Show 2022

Every year, PGA Show attendees love to check out the new product area. Think “Shark Tank” meets the PGA of America! This area is unique and with a year off the inventors have had more time to try and impress us. Looking at what all the brilliant designers have come up with across the board, it’s always amazing how the most common ideas with a slight twist always grab our attention.

Here are some of the top entrants from this year…

This is definitely no ordinary ball marker. You start by placing it behind the ball. Just like you would with a regular coin or marker. The immediate difference? The device is inserted into the lawn. From here you can stand up and move the alignment aid along the line of intent by pointing it with your putter head. The base remains stationary, but the alignment aspect of the marker moves. It’s a very cool concept and one that will help golfers achieve one of the simplest yet most difficult skills in golf; alignment.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Golf is an outdoor game played in the sun. We all need to wear more sunscreen, but usually not because we want to keep our hands clean while playing. Oars & Alps have developed a roll-on sunscreen that keeps them clean. Just like a deodorant stick, this transparent sunscreen can be easily applied. It is sweat and water resistant. With 35-SPF, you can now protect yourself as often as possible. The best part? You can store it right in your golf bag as it is spill-proof and easy to carry.

This article caused a sensation on Tuesday during Demo Day. Resistance training in golf has grown in popularity in recent years. Unlike many options, Aero-Swing’s training aid won’t require a lot of investment. These safe, specially designed swing aids descend directly into the shaft of your club. With specific training designed by their team, you increase swing speed, increase power, and build endurance. They come in different sizes and you can use more than one depending on your needs.

Imagine a cooler without ice. That’s what Kanga brought to market. Perfectly sized to fit common packs, these stylish and colorful totes will keep items fresh for up to 7 hours. A perfect fit for a round of golf. It really couldn’t be easier to use, just slide the cooler right on top of the box. The top then opens and gives access to the drink of your choice. This ingenious idea first gained critical acclaim on Shark Tank the show!

As all these elements prove, it doesn’t take much to make an invention successful. The return of the PGA Show is very good for the golf industry. Golf is more popular than ever, but part of what fuels that popularity is the gathering of creative people. Always make “Zone” a stop on your show list. So many of these elements become bigger stories and seeing where they started is really fun.