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The Clown School LA opens branches in Chicago and Washington DC

THE CLOWN SCHOOL, the Los Angeles-based studio dedicated to teaching and promoting the art of the clown and related disciplines of physical theater, is expanding its offering nationwide. From now through 2019 and beyond, The Clown School is delighted to announce the official opening of new branches in Chicago (IL), Annapolis (MD) and Lorton (VA). Classes in Chicago will be taught by Jeremy Aluma. Classes in Annapolis (MD) and Lorton (VA) will be taught by Mike Funt. In addition, the school is launching an online clown certificate training – the first of its kind in the world.

“This is a great moment of growth for The Clown School,” says founder David Bridel. “Our teachers now live and work in other parts of the United States, and we are excited to offer our courses in several new cities. In the past, our students and collaborators had to travel to Los Angeles for our training – now they have the ability to find our work anywhere in the United States. And for those who cannot travel, our online certificate offers a unique opportunity to start the journey from home.

The Clown School provides the highest quality clown training to clowns, actors, performers, comedians and participants from all walks of life, including doctors, teachers, healers, filmmakers and students. Classes include three clown levels, plus mask, commedia dell’arte, jester, clown and music, sacred clown and divine clown, as well as writing and performance classes and the new certificate in line. The school has succeeded in “graduating” legions of new clowns, including many members of the award-winning Four Clowns Company. The school intentionally fosters community and bonds between artists and people from different backgrounds, and inspires collaboration and artistic creation outside of the classroom. The school’s classes have been described as “truly spectacular and unforgettable” by LA Stage. Since its founding in 2009, the school has traveled to China, Australia, Turkey, UK, Japan and Brazil to spread the clown gospel.

“With dazzling joy, irreverence and wild abandon, The Clown School taught me to be fearless in my work as an actress and songwriter. They were able to capture the incompetent: that thing that puts you in a place of play and wonder. ” – Helen Slater (actress, Supergirl, singer-songwriter)

“Clown school has really been a game changer for me. I have been pushed, pushed, challenged and teased in a playful and loving way to learn, grow, open up, become and be as authentic as possible. J I was inspired to create and share from a place of total freedom and surrender and I have experienced an abundance of thrills, joys and moments of transformation. I have witnessed these same effects in my comrades students. I recommend these courses to humans of all shapes, sizes and ages. “– Jon Monastero (clown, Cirque du Soleil)

“I can’t praise The Clown School enough, it’s like getting hit with a hot pie in your soul and it will make you not only a better clown but a better human.”– Matthew Gray Gubler (actor, Criminal Minds)

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