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The best cities to start a new business in the UK revealed

BRIGHTON and Hove was ranked the best city to start a business this year, according to a recent study.

The City Index for Entrepreneurs, by Total Processing, said the city is a “great, versatile city that ticks all the boxes when it comes to starting a successful business”, with the highest number of active businesses per capita. and the second highest new business survival rate in the UK at 34 per cent.

“Considering it’s a city known for its wealth of independent businesses, that’s no surprise,” the report said of Brighton’s place in the index.

However, the report points out: “Of all the cities we analysed, it has the highest rent outside of London.

“Despite this, it still offers an excellent quality of life and loads to offer in this department for both its merchants and its inhabitants.”

Bristol is also in the top three, praised for its range of commercial premises and coworking spaces available, with Edinburgh and Cardiff tied for third place.

Top 10 best cities to start a business in the UK

  1. Brighton
  2. Bristol
  3. Edinburgh and Cardiff (tied)
  4. Glasgow
  5. London
  6. Leeds
  7. Manchester
  8. Belfast
  9. liverpool
  10. Leicester

London, the UK’s financial capital, ranked only fifth in the index, with the report saying the capital is “often a very expensive place to launch and sustain a startup”.

Total Processing’s index considered a range of factors to determine its list, including average monthly salary, crime rate, average broadband speed, business closures and number of universities.

It is estimated that up to 700,000 start-ups are launched in the UK every year.

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