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The B612 Foundation Announces $2.3 Million in Leadership Giving

The B612 Foundation Announces $2.3 Million in Leadership Giving

Press Release From: B612 Foundation
Posted: Sunday May 29th 2022

The B612 Foundation announced a new $1 million matching grant from Tito’s Handmade Vodka and separate donations of $1.3 million to advance their efforts to build the cloud-based astrodynamic platform Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping (ADAM). The B612 Foundation and its main program, the Asteroid Institute, are committed to expanding humanity’s knowledge of our solar system, including the discovery of asteroids and their orbits.

“We are touched and inspired by the generosity of our funding partners. Their support over the years and into the future, and Tito’s corresponding challenge, helps us evolve our technical team and expand our scientific, technical and educational partnerships,” said Danica Remy B612 Foundation, President and CEO. . “The Foundation has a three-year funding goal to raise an additional $4 million to advance the Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping (ADAM) platform. These funds will allow ADAM to analyze historical data and future data from the Vera Rubin Observatory and its Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), which will enable the discovery and orbit of new asteroids.

“The work of the Asteroid Institute and the advanced development of the ADAM platform has been a validation of our support and that of many others who share our vision. We are proud to invest in the future expansion of the science and technology team at the Asteroid Institute,” said an American technology executive, philanthropist and former CEO of Broadcom. Scott McGregor.

In order to unlock the challenge grant matching Tito’s Handmade Vodka, B612 must raise an additional $1 million from donors. The Austin, Texas-based vodka company will match all donations made, up to $1 million, with a fundraising goal to receive these gifts by December 31, 2022. Tito’s encourages others to get involved and help achieve the campaign goal. These donations will advance B612 and its Asteroid Institute. For more on how a vodka company is getting involved in asteroid discovery, visit Titos CHEERS site for more information on Tito’s CHEERS program and other emerging research and science they support.

“It was an honor for us at Google Cloud to work with the Asteroid Institute and collaborate on future breakthroughs in astronomy with the Cloud,” said Massimo Mascaro, Distinguished Technical Director, Applied AI, Google Cloud. “New computational techniques are changing the way we use data and gather information, allowing us to create new tools for scientific discovery and we are excited to see what this will enable in the future.

“Our family has been involved with B612 for over a decade. We are inspired by the transformational power of adding massive computation to telescopic data, which offers the potential for exponentially greater asteroid discoveries,” said the philanthropist and entrepreneur. Laurie Girand. “This is just the beginning of filling out a map of our solar system.”

Scott Manley, Internet Rocket Scientist, says, “B612 has always focused on Earth’s unseen neighbors in the solar system. The capabilities of the ADAM platform will show that in addition to processing the data stream from new telescopes, ADAM can harvest insights from existing images that can produce new results through computational astronomy techniques. point. ADAM shows how managing, manipulating and merging new and old images will help us understand the importance of asteroids to our future.

“B612 led the way, educating citizens around the world about the dangers of asteroid impacts, spurring national and international programs to assess the threat and find solutions. Today, these powerful new survey instruments are generating tsunamis of data about the solar system. With this work from the Asteroid Institute, they’re entering a new phase, developing clever ways to sift through everything, finding the glistening rocks out there that might present a danger or an opportunity.” declared Dr. David Brinworld-renowned scientist, lecturer, technical consultant and author.

B612 founding circle and circle of asteroids members, along with major anonymous donors and thousands of individual donors from 46 countries, provide financial support to the Astrodynamics-as-a-Service ADAM Platform of the Institute of Asteroids, which is used to discover asteroids and analyze their orbits. Google Cloud has enabled the current development and future work of the ADAM platform with generous Cloud credits and technical support. Tito’s Handmade Vodka has provided major funding, including today’s announcement of a $1 million matching grant challenge. A partnership with The Explorers Club and Discovery global platform helps fund and promote research.

About the B612 Foundation and the Asteroid Institute

Asteroid Institute brings together scientists, researchers and engineers to develop tools and technologies to understand, map and navigate our solar system. A program of the B612 Foundation, the Asteroid Institute takes advantage of advances in computing, instrumentation, and astronomy to find and track asteroids. Since 2002, the Foundation has supported research and technologies to enable the economic development of space and improve our understanding of the evolution of our solar system, in addition to supporting educational programs, including Asteroid Day. founding circle and circle of asteroids members and individual donors from 46 countries provide financial support for the work. For more information, visit Foundation or follow on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and instagram.

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