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Tesla launches new products, although they are related to its energy sector

Tesla has been touting its energy division for some time now, insisting it will grow hugely in the future and become a huge facet of the US automaker’s overall business. However, it just hasn’t caught on with Tesla’s electric vehicles yet. That said, the company continues to make notable progress, and now, new details about Tesla’s energy products have been leaked.

According to reports, Tesla teased some upcoming energy-related products during an internal meeting that took place recently. There are reports that the products are set to launch later in 2022, and it looks like Tesla will use the product releases in its ongoing efforts to significantly accelerate its energy business in the near future.

Tesla is already working to expand its solar business, which had its best quarter in four years in the second quarter of 2022. Solar rooftop installations certainly aren’t as popular as electric cars, and that’s not something the media spend a lot of time. advertise. However, more and more people are adopting energy products like they did with electric vehicles years ago. It’s probably only a matter of time before solar systems and home energy storage batteries start to become more common.

Based on the information from the internal meeting, Tesla is working to change its energy product strategy. Currently, the company’s energy division uses a combination of its own products, equipment and software, as well as those of others. However, sources note that the meeting revealed Tesla’s plans to switch to using its own equipment and software in the future. That makes sense since the automaker has also tried to keep so much of its electric vehicle business in-house.

Shortly after the private meeting, Tesla Energy senior director of solar products and engineering Seth Wingman actually teased the new products and briefly mentioned an upcoming pilot program. According Electrek, who had access to the slides from the meeting, the new products will offer better performance and aesthetics while being easier to install. The publication shared some of Winger’s words:

“In 2022, we are investing heavily in Tesla products. I can’t say exactly what’s coming. We want to maintain privacy, but across the board on PV, Solar Rooftop, Powerwall, we look forward to dramatically improving installation efficiency, aesthetics and product performance. »