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TEC Ventures LLC on merging real estate and technology for innovative solutions

Over the past few decades, technology has disrupted every primary industry, from entertainment to transportation. As in other industries, real estate is slowly being integrated with technology by real estate technology companies such as TEC Ventures LLC primarily by improving the efficiency of existing processes.

Founded by Daniel Tisone in 2013, TEC Ventures LLC is a technology company turned real estate developer and property management company at the forefront of integrating technology into commercial real estate in the Washington area with more than 300 office properties in Class A. Balancing vision and innovation with experience and integrity, TEC has a diverse portfolio of office, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties utilizing commercially deployed development and software technologies.

Beginning in 2014, beginning with the first commercial property of Tysons Corner which chose to include RUB A DUB, TEC continues to transform and define commercial properties in the Washington metro area and set the benchmark for excellence in property development and management for others. The company’s wide range of market-defining projects and strong software development pipeline make it a forward-looking company with a compelling legacy.

TEC Ventures has extensive expertise in all phases of the development and ownership lifecycle as a vertically integrated real estate and technology company – from planning and design to property and asset development and management. The company’s drive to embrace modern concepts and new technologies, its ability to envision whole new spaces where few exist, and its unwavering commitment to building sustainable properties that stand the test of time are all the features of TECVentures. Armed with unparalleled vision and ingenuity, the company applies its skills and specialist knowledge to develop and sustain vibrant spaces where people live and work and where businesses thrive and mature.

Like many of the nation’s most forward-thinking and successful companies, TEC Ventures has embraced LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its various benefits and business best practices associated with sustainable design and development that help optimize the working environment of their employees. , and in turn, increase productivity and profitability and decrease turnover. Additionally, TEC Ventures management understands that LEED-certified buildings minimize environmental impact through best practices such as using locally sourced and recycled materials, reducing consumption of valuable natural resources, and managing effective in carbon dioxide emissions and stormwater runoff.

At TEC Ventures, minimizing the impact of technological advancements on the environment is one of our core principles. The company is dedicated to creating and operating spaces and software that perform well, save resources and create healthy environments for occupants. Through intelligent planning and the use of advanced design, technology, materials and construction techniques, TEC has become a recognized leader in green building. With a primary audience of mobility companies, automakers, and autonomous vehicles, TEC aims to provide vehicle storage and maintenance areas and electric vehicle infrastructure to these companies to aid in their day-to-day operations.

TEC Ventures wants to continue to specialize in the planning, acquisition and development of electric, connected and autonomous vehicle infrastructure to operate at scale in congested metropolitan cities in the years to come.

Learn more about TEC Ventures LLC by visiting its website. You can also contact Daniel Tisone on LinkedIn.

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