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Success stories in the North to attract new businesses

The plan to showcase industrial investments in the region was discussed in detail at the Annual General Meeting of CII’s North Bengal Zonal Council in Siliguri

Avijit Sinha



Published on 01.03.22, 02:15 AM

Entrepreneurs based in North Bengal will showcase the success stories of industrial investments in the region when they meet with representatives from various industrial sectors at the upcoming Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS) to attract new investments to the region.

The summit is to be held in April this year in Calcutta.

The plan to showcase industrial investments in the region was thoroughly discussed at the Annual General Meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) North Bengal Zonal Council held on Saturday in Siliguri.

“We need to showcase North Bengal success stories to BGBS to attract investment here. The region is ideal for industrial investment, whether in terms of political environment, law and order situation and geographical location. We should highlight these factors in front of entrepreneurs attending the summit from other states and abroad,” said Dilip Dugar, Partner at PCM Group.

Based in Siliguri, PCM Group has footprints in 12 countries around the world and various locations in India.

“The recent investment of around Rs 400 crore by Star Cement here…they have set up a factory in North Bengal, is yet another achievement that we have to share,” Dugar added.

During the meeting, CII members also said that the recent policy of the Bengal government allowing the establishment of industrial parks on five-acre plots has also resulted in increased private investment in North Bengal.

“After the state came up with the policy, the first such park was established in North Bengal. A second park is ready and other proposals are in preparation. We are simultaneously focusing on the development of start-ups in the region and also trying to develop electric looms, given the recent policy adopted by the state to increase production in the textile industry,” Pradeep said. Purohit, the newly elected president of NB. ICN zonal council..