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Stratos Renewables Corp (OTCMKTS: SRNW) Bull Runner, Trifecta and The Perfect Merger

Stratos Renewables Corp (OTCMKTS:SRNW) is among the most exciting penny stocks that are already seeing a historic rise from subcents last year to highs of $1.85 last week when the company exited the markets. emerging and has become “pink stream” and investors are saying this we are just getting started. Currently on the block are 219,673,603 restricted stock shares, if canceled will leave SRNW with only 15,503,070 shares free to trade, of which only 7,663,544 are DTC eligible for trading and currently in the float and candidate ideal for a large fusion. As CEO, George Sharp has a large following and SRNW has been under hoarding by speculators for a long time; millions of free float shares are already locked up, leaving very few shares available to trade.

Reverse merger stocks can be more explosive than biotechnology stocks when the incoming company has real value but is not discovered by investors and we have covered many on the website that have gone from pennies to dollars . Two recent RM runners that stand out are TSNP which has gone from pennies (where we first wrote about it) to several dollars per share. The other is HRBR which has gone from pennies (where we first talked about it) to $3+. SRNW is part of the Geroge Sharp trifecta that should fuel another summer of George, the stock is the perfect merger candidate, debt-free, with a very tight share structure and legions of locked-in, loaded shareholders.The stock has a rapid growth shareholder base including many large small cap players, Youtubers and internationally including Canada

Stratos Renewables Corp (OTCMKTS: SRNW) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on September 29, 2004 as New Design Cabinets, Inc. attempting to establish a base of operations in the custom cabinetry and furniture industry as a builder of custom-designed cabinets and wine racks. Currently, Stratos Renewables operates as a “blank check” company with a business plan to merge with one or more unidentified companies. The Company’s primary business objective for the next 12 months and beyond will be to realize long-term growth potential through combination with business rather than immediate short-term profits.

On June 15, 2021, George Sharp was appointed custodian of the notifier, Stratos Renewables Corporation, by order granting motion to appoint George Sharp as custodian and for a temporary restraining order on the shortening period of the order ( Case No. A-21-835772-B, Dept. No.: 13) issued by the Nevada State District Court in and for Clark County (the “Court Order”). Under his authority as Custodian, George Sharp appointed himself Sole Member of the Board of Directors and President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Company by resolutions of the Declarant’s Board of Directors on June 15, 2021.

George Sharp is an experienced businessman with a diverse background in information technology and growing businesses. After studying at the Canadian University of Waterloo, George joined the Electrical System Engineering Department of the City of Calgary. There, George designed a software application to more closely examine the physical stresses on wooden utility poles. This effort earned him recognition at the Stanford University Electrical Engineers Congress in 1983. George was then recruited to join Northern Telecom in Bramalea, Ontario as a software engineering consultant. In the early 1990s, George founded Progressive Microsystem Designs to develop a series of enterprise software applications for the emerging microcomputer market. The centerpiece of PMD was one of the first human resources administration software products designed for microcomputers. Eventually, George moved PMD to Southern California to better serve the bulk of its customers. A former consultant to the OTC Markets Group, George now provides services to small listed companies seeking management advice; pathways, including funding, to progress; and, seeking to comply with regulations.

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Microcapdaily was one of the first on the scene as TSNP was starting to report on the stock on November 15, 2020 when TSNP was trading at $0.003We concluded that “the whole business is run by George Sharp, a reverse merger whiz and someone known for getting it right.”

On August 29, 2021, in recognition of the $50,000 cash invested and $50,000 in consulting fees accrued by George Sharp for professional and regulatory fees to reinstate the Holder into the State of Nevada and for the Holder to be at update in its filings under the recent SEC ruling imposed requirements on public companies operating under SEC Rule 15c2-11 which requires current financial and corporate information to be submitted to OTC Markets for by June 30, 2021 and for OTC Markets to declare the company “current” by September 30, 2021, the board has issued 300,000 authorized “blank check” preferred shares to George Sharp with 10,000 votes for each preferred share to give voting control to Mr. Sharp. Mr. Sharp is currently hiring an auditor and preparing the necessary documents with the SEC to ensure that the registrant is subject to SEC reporting requirements, including filing annual and quarterly financial reports.

On September 7, 2021, Stratos Renewables Corporation, engaged BF Borgers CPA PC, a PCAOB approved firm, as the Filer’s lead accountant to audit the Filer’s financial statements for its fiscal years ended December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019 for inclusion in a Form 10 must be filed by September 28, 2021 to meet the deadline set by the United States SEC under recent amendments to SEC Rule 15c2-11 requiring OTC filers OTCs provide up-to-date, publicly available information for broker-dealers to quote their securities in the over-the-counter market.

On October 1, 2021, the Nevada State District Court in and for Clark County issued an order granting a motion to require written proof of claim requiring that “any plaintiff and creditor of Stratos who does not submit in timely proof of claim as set forth in this order may not subsequently present its claim to Stratos. On February 10, 2022, the Nevada State District Court in and for Clark County issued an order that “all plaintiffs and creditors of Stratos are hereby barred from bringing any claim against Stratos.”

On May 4, CEO Geroge Sharp sent demand letters to listed owners of restricted stock, giving them 10 days to produce proof that the company received value for those shares. Those who do not produce satisfactory evidence will be subject to a motion to have these actions set aside.

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SNRW hit highs of $1.85 last week after the company exited EM and turned “pink current” and since the stock formed a new base above $1.25 as speculators await restricted stock write-offs. Although there is no guarantee how long this process will take, it could happen in just a few weeks, as Mr Sharp is not expected to face opposition as he did with Warwick. Calasse and Goff. SRNW remains among the most exciting stocks in penny stocks, with just 15,503,070 shares free to trade, only 7,663,544 are DTCs eligible for trading and currently in the float and the perfect candidate for a high profile merger. SRNW is part of Geroge Sharp’s winning trifecta (GVS / Goff) should fuel another summer of George, (TSNP & FORW were 2021 Summer of George), the stock is the perfect merger candidate, debt-free, very tight stock structure, possibly the most successful RM stock genius in recent penny stock history, known to do well things, and legions of shareholders who are locked and loaded and many new investors who are buying every day. We’ll update SRNW when more details emerge, so make sure you’re subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with SRNW.

Disclosure: We do not hold any positions in SRNW long or short and we have not been compensated for this article