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The StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System helps workers beat the summer heat, stay cool and productive. Micro-thin, highly breathable materials are easy to maintain, providing wearers with unparalleled cooling comfort without compromising mobility.

With styles that can be worn over or under normal clothing, there’s a StaCool vest to suit every style, preference and application. ThermoPaks on the front and back of the vest provide hours of cooling; a spare set of ThermoPaks is included with each StaCool vest to extend cooling time and comfort when the initial set thaws.

The StaCool Vest provides ultimate cooling to the core of the body, a thermal barrier is built in to ensure the wearer doesn’t get too cold. These vests are ideal for those working in the agricultural industry, including farmers and businesses that serve farmers, and anyone who wants to stay cool in hot weather.

The StaCool Vest is also available in child sizes and all StaCool Vests can be made from flame retardant material.

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