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Sports Ticker (10 March 2022) – Disney’s bet, Netflix’s game and the shake-up of rugby league governance – a quick read of business updates from the world of sports

In this edition of the Sports Ticker, we feature stories related to other developments in the world of sports including: TikTok’s sponsorship of the Pakistan-Australia Test cricket series, Netflix’s acquisition of Next Games and the contemplation by Disney of a switch to sports betting. We also take a look at Manchester City’s official partnership with crypto exchange OKX, the technical details of F1’s new regulations for the coming season and the realignment of governance in rugby league.

This fortnight we have seen sport across the world immensely impacted by the Russian invasion (and the human tragedy unfolding in) Ukraine. At RPC, we are united in our condemnation of the invasion and our hearts go out to the safety of all people in Ukraine and who have fled Ukraine, as well as colleagues, clients and friends who have families and loved ones. who were affected.

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Disney plans to bet on sports betting

Disney is reportedly considering entering the gaming world for its sports network ESPN. The number of ESPN “cable TV” subscribers has fallen every year since 2011 (when it was 23% higher than today) and is expected to continue to fall, analysts say. In an attempt to breathe new life into the broadcaster, Disney executives are considering the possibility of entering into a licensing agreement or merging with an existing sports betting company. Bob Chapek, Disney’s chief executive, denied suggestions the company was considering selling ESPN, and instead said younger consumers and their “desire to have the game as part of their sports experiencewas the way forward for the broadcaster. Given Disney’s traditionally family-friendly image, such a move could be controversial.

Rugby league governance to undergo overhaul

After months of deliberation, the Rugby Football League (RFL) and Super League have recommended clubs vote in favor of a major change in the governance of the sport at a special general meeting due to take place later this month -this. The main driver of the proposal is to reshape the governance model of Rugby League to maximize the sport’s commercial interests across England, the Super League, Challenge Cup, Women’s and Wheelchair Super League, Championship and Ligue 1. The realignment would involve the formation of a new joint venture which would work closely but separately from the RFL. Under the proposals, the RFL would remain responsible for community play as well as elite performance while the Super League would focus on “offer the best sport to our partners like Sky” according to Super League chairman Ken Davy. For a sport with such untapped potential, the new recommendations could pave the way for a sea change in the game.

TikTok sponsors Pakistan v Australia series

The cricket test series between Pakistan and Australia is underway. Before the start of the series, the Pakistan Cricket Board announced that TikTok would be its main sponsor for the duration of the series. It is the first time the social media giant will sponsor an international cricket series, although there have been previous deals with other tournaments including the UEFA Champions League and Six Nations. During the Australia-Pakistan series, TikTok will provide a platform for cricket creators and fans to interact with and share cricket-related content. The Pakistan Cricket Board will also launch its first TikTok account, where it will post exclusive content and pictures of the Pakistan cricket team.

Netflix enters the gaming space with the acquisition of Next Games

Netflix has become the latest major tech company to make strides in the games business with its acquisition of Next Games, the Finnish developer behind mobile games based on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. The move comes as consolidation accelerates in the gaming industry. The 65 million euro deal is Netflix’s biggest in games since announcing its expansion into interactive entertainment in July. 2021, as Netflix plans to bundle video games into its existing TV and movie service to attract a new subscriber base and retain its existing subscriber base. . The deal underscores Netflix’s strategy of releasing games with narrative ties to its existing portfolio, allowing fans of these shows to “go further“into the worlds, characters and storylines of Netflix original movies and series, according to Netflix’s chief product officer.

Man City partners with crypto exchange

Riding the recent wave of cryptocurrency popularity, Manchester City FC recently signed an agreement with crypto exchange OKX to become the club’s official cryptocurrency exchange partner. The agreement is OKX’s first in the world of sports, and the parties are ready to collaborate on a number of exclusive experiences for OKX customers in addition to stadium presence. Yet, future undecided innovation projects are also in the works to further merge the worlds of football and cryptocurrencies. Many crypto-related companies have recently entered the sports arena, including Tezos which signed a similar deal with rival Manchester United. As highlighted in Issue 54 in which we put Arsenal under the regulatory microscope for their crypto advertising, clubs should approach the advertising of their partnerships with crypto-related organizations with care to avoid breaching codes of practice. The advertisement.

Extra time…

…and finally, Formula 1 is introducing new regulations for 2022, marking one of the biggest technical changes in F1 history. The new regulations will create a racing car with a striking new look after a radical overhaul of the aerodynamics. The aim is to improve the spectacle and the unpredictability of the spectacle, closing the field and allowing more wheel-to-wheel racing, with the knock-on effect of greater overtaking opportunities. The sweeping changes also address issues such as fuel sustainability, race weekend format, tighter team budgets and clarification of the safety car restart process after the Abu Grand Prix drama. End of season 2021 Dhabi. With all the new changes coming, expect even more drama this season!