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Sony turns to science fiction to create new products and services


Sony Group Corp is exploring sci-fi prototyping to come up with new ideas for products and services, such as a mask that synthesizes the aroma of fine dining and a floating house to be used when sea levels rise due to change climate.

Sony found ideas for potential products and services in stories developed during workshops between its in-house designers and science fiction writers.

Such stories offer a glimpse into the future envisioned by an author’s daring imagination.

Working with sci-fi writers, Sony’s in-house designers have often realized that the two groups look at things entirely differently, according to Shigeki Ono, a senior official at Sony’s Creative Center.

Models of products and services designed for sci-fi prototyping were on display this summer in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

Sony’s sci-fi prototyping project was supported by Wired Sci-Fi Prototyping Lab, which is also developing a concept for a new city using cutting-edge technology in collaboration with a local government.

The lab also worked with online advertising company CyberAgent Inc. to envision the possible future of the media industry.

Lab director Tomonari Kotani said the project could persuade companies to find out about the ways sci-fi writers think and use them for new products and services.


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