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Slideshow: New products from PepsiCo, Grupo Bimbo, Country Archer Provisions | 2021-10-22

KANSAS CITY – Snack brands offer bold and fiery flavors in their recent launches.

Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., is reintroducing Doritos Twisted Lime for a limited time. Tortilla-style chips have a sour and spicy flavor, according to the company.

Takis confronts Pringles with his latest offer. The new Takis crisps are stackable potato crisps featuring the signature spicy flavor profile of the snack brand.

“At Takis, we’re always looking for new ways to disrupt the savory snack category, and the launch of our Takis Crisps does just that,” said Sandra Peregrina, Marketing Manager, Savory Snacks for Barcel USA, a business unit of Grupo Bimbo. . “We keep a close eye on what consumers are looking for. In today’s busy world, we hear our fans loud and clear – they have a serious appetite for portable snack options. With Takis Crisps, consumers can savor the bold and intense flavors of Takis they love with the resealable snack box, allowing them to snack whenever and wherever they want.

Country Archer Provisions has unveiled its hottest meat snack yet, a limited edition Death Reaper Jerky. The product is formulated with grass-fed beef and Carolina Reaper peppers. Each 1 ounce bag is packed with a protective glove.

“People across the country have become obsessed with spicy foods, and we wanted to create something that really brings warmth to those who love to torment their taste buds,” said Eugene Kang, co-founder and CEO of Country Archer Provisions. . “Death Reaper is on a whole new level of spice. It’s so hot we bet most people won’t be able to finish the little 1 ounce bag. We can’t wait to see our fans eye the Reaper in the eye and try to beat our spiciest jerk yet. “

See a slideshow of the new products.

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