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Slideshow: New Alter Eco products, Mike’s Hot Honey, Challenge Butter | 2021-12-10

KANSAS CITY – Mashups are popping up in recent product launches.

Alter Eco Foods presents Truffle Thins dark chocolate bars made with organic ingredients including coconut oil, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and natural flavors. Varieties include Classic Dark, Salted Caramel, Mint Crème, and Silk Velvet.

“The love for our dark chocolate bars and our truffles is growing day by day, so we thought to ourselves: why not combine the two? Said Mike Forbes, Managing Director.

Mike’s Hot Honey has collaborated with French mustard maker Maille to present Maille Hot Honey Dijon made from Mike’s Hot Honey. The condiment is sweet, spicy, creamy, and tangy, depending on the company, and can be used for dipping, as a sandwich topping, or in a salad dressing.

“The Mike’s Hot Honey team have always loved Maille mustard,” said Mike Kurtz, founder of Mike’s Hot Honey. “When I tasted the final product, I was completely blown away by the harmony of the two flavors. We’re excited to have contributed a new product that combines the best aspects of Maille’s mustard and our hot honey, and to give foodies and fans a new way to enjoy a little sweet heat on their food. favorite.

Farmer-owned brand of butter, Challenge Butter, is launching spreadable butter with avocado oil. The product combines freshly churned butter, pure avocado oil and sea salt and “spreads smoothly and smoothly right out of the fridge,” according to the company.

“People are looking more than ever for high quality dairy products that meet their needs and lifestyle, and we are happy to be able to offer them our new Avocado Oil Butter Spread,” said Michael. Burdeny, President of Challenge Dairy. Products Inc. “With this new product, we’re giving consumers the fresh taste of Challenge Butter they love with the added benefits of omega fats.

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