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Six new products to add CBD to your skincare routine


The hottest ingredient in skincare is leading the charge in these CBD-centric products.

Photo by Bruce Peterson / Styling by Kaylei Mcgraw / Anchor Artists.

1. Highline Wellness CBD Eye Balm

Known for its gums and oils, Manhattan-based Highline Wellness has been a lauded name in the CBD market since 2019. And the brand’s first foray into skincare is equally beloved. Highline’s collab with influencer Alyssa Lynch wore an all-natural eye balm that treats dark circles with lemon oil and moisturizes with shea butter — a truly high remedy, indeed.

$29, Neiman Marcus.

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2. Kövo Essentials Turmeric + CBD Gel Mask

On the skin’s surface, millions of bacteria work together to defend your immune system. This CBD-rich mask helps control this system, using probiotic extracts to ward off bad bacteria and keep your skin balanced, while using plant-based ingredients like turmeric to brighten and detoxify your complexion. . Sign us up.

$42, at Bloomingdale’s.

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3. Herbivore Botanicals “Emerald” CBD Cleansing Soap Bar

Dry skin and redness caused by frequent hand washing is a problem we can all relate to. The solution? A face and body soap that harnesses the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD in one nourishing lather. Filled with pore-clarifying kaolin clay and hemp seed oil,
it also doubles as a cleanser gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin.

$14, Creed.

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4. Beboe Therapies High Potency CBD Serum

The skincare line from the decidedly sophisticated cannabis brand Beboe does not contain any psychoactive compounds. Even so, its high-potency serum packs an increased impact, like reducing blemishes and increasing elasticity and collagen production, not to mention its quadruple threat status as a moisturizer, serum, primer, and Highlighter.

$59, mercury blue.

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5. Really “Unicorn” CBD Whipped Body Butter

How to improve an already cult product? Add CBD. It worked, at least, for the team behind vegan beauty company Truly (whose butt-tightening “butt polish” has gone viral on TikTok). Turns out, packing their candy-colored body butter with 300 milligrams of CBD only boosts its potency, healing stressed skin with ease.

$35, Ulta Beauty.

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6. Ellis Brooklyn’s “Marvelous” CBD Body Oil and Massage

You don’t need the hands of an expert masseuse to experience the soothing effects of this brand’s massage oil. Restorative CBD and antioxidant-rich maritime pine bark extract form a dynamic duo, relieving pain while almond oil hydrates skin without leaving you feeling greasy.

$65, Sephora.

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