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Rumor: In January 2022, Apple will launch new products.

As usual at Apple, December was a fairly quiet month in terms of new launches (with a few notable exceptions). It doesn’t make sense for IT companies to release anything in the last month of the year, when so many customers have already started – or even finished – their Christmas shopping around the beginning of December. .

Given Apple’s track record, we believe the company will keep things quiet in January and hold the majority of its major announcements for a spring event, most likely in March or April.

But a new year brings new optimism, and it’s quite possible that Apple will start decongesting its product pipelines in January. New models of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook, and AirPods are being prepared for release, and the company is expected to start distributing them shortly.

A new Mac mini

A new mini is definitely on the way, and it was a surprise when it didn’t show up alongside other new Macs at Apple’s event in October, especially since it should focus more. on business users. (Rather than replacing the current mini M1, the next model will be alongside it as a more powerful alternative.)

The theme of this article, and one phrase you’ll read more than once, is “Maybe now, but more likely in the spring”. And that is our prediction for the next Mac mini.

Writing in late August, knowledgeable Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman predicted that the new Mac mini would launch “in the next few months,” which could certainly apply to a January launch, but just as plausibly could. apply to an outing in the spring.

It’s all about timing: when is the right time to launch a pro-oriented Mac mini? If Apple has plenty of other plans to discuss at its March / April event – the iPad Air, MacBook (not Air), and AirPods Pro, let’s say – then it could roll out the Mac mini in January to clean up a bit. the bridges.

What we’re saying, basically, is that there is definitely a chance. You can keep up with the latest rumors with our new Mac mini hub. iPad Air (5th generation)

We have been spoiled with updates to the iPad in 2021, with new versions of the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro. But one name missing from the list was the iPad Air, which was last updated in 2020. It’s overdue for some love in 2022. It probably won’t happen – join us though. you know the words – before a spring event in March. or April, both because of the greater publicity at an appropriate event and because the latest iPad reveal was still relatively recent: If the Air was that close to readiness, you’d Would expect Apple to announce it alongside the new iPad mini and 10.2-inch iPad in September.

MacBook Air (or just MacBook?) This is a key launch for Apple’s laptop line, which appears to be heading for a major revamp.

If reports are to be believed, the Air is going to be significantly redesigned (including the loss of its characteristic “wedge” shape), given a range of vibrant new colors and a powerful M2 processor, and renamed simply MacBook. It will be so bloated that, as Samuel Nyberg argued in our Different Think column, the cheaper MacBook Pro will look rather useless from AirPods Pro (2nd gen).

We thought there was an external chance that Apple would incorporate the launch of the second-gen AirPods Pro into its December plans, just as it had done with the AirPods Max a year earlier. The long plan hasn’t taken off, and the wait continues for a follow-up to a popular product that released as long as fall 2019. With the Christmas complications out of the way, the new AirPods Pro are now a much better bet. It’s been a really long time since they launched, leaving them deeply eclipsed by the cheaper and much newer AirPods 3. They need to be updated, and soon.

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  • In January 2022, Apple will launch new products.
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