New products

Puratos India adds five new products to its range of pastries

Puratos India, the subsidiary of the international Puratos group, has launched five new products that would best suit the baking industry. These include Tegral Prime Sponge Egg Free, Tegral Ultra Vanilla Sponge Egg Free, Tegral Prime Cocoa Sponge Egg Free, Tegral Ultra Chocolate Sponge Egg Free and Tegral Choco Lava Mix Egg Free. These products were developed by the Puratos Innovation team in response to growing consumer demand. In the next few days we are also focusing on the full range of value-added products with key differentiation that will be available soon.

Mr. Ashish Seth, Managing Director, Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd., said, “The Indian pastry market is very dynamic and constantly changing. We are constantly analyzing the latest trends in this segment in order to develop products for the future. Indian artisans are looking for a new range of assortments that would encourage them to create exciting recipe concepts for their customers. That’s why, to proactively meet their needs, we’ve now launched 5 new baking products in 2 distinct categories – the value-for-money PRIME range and ULTRA, our premium range. Each of these products is designed to match Indian preferences, value and functionality.”

Tegral Prime Sponge Egg Free was designed for value-for-money customers who want an even crumb texture, better softness and moistness, better strength, balanced vanilla and flexibility for all kinds of setups.

Tegral Ultra Vanilla Sponge Egg Free is a premium quality sponge with the best volume similar to egg-based sponges, melt-in-the-mouth texture, even crumb texture, better softness, better strength and vanilla flavor wet and rugged, and flexibility for all types of setups.

Tegral Prime Cocoa Sponge Egg Free Cake Mix offers an appetizing chocolate taste, moist mouthfeel, even crumb texture, intense dark color, rich cocoa taste, better softness, better strength, price-quality and flexibility for all kinds of configurations.

Tegral Ultra Chocolate Sponge Egg Free is rich in chocolate, contains real Belgian chocolate inside, offers a melt-in-the-mouth texture, better softness, better resistance, and is moist and flexible for all kinds of installations. This range is entirely NAFNAC (no added aroma, no added coloring).

Tegral Choco Lava Mix Egg Free is one of the most anticipated products in the portfolio, widely accepted by the QSR industry, and positive feedback for 2 years. It’s a user-friendly process, a balanced wash-to-cake ratio, and fresh-frozen baking.