New business

Port Mansfield developments create new businesses and jobs

PORT MANSFIELD, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Port Mansfield, one of the nation’s premier fishing destinations, is making improvements and attracting new business.

Ronald Mills, the port’s executive director, said recent improvements are having an impact on the port.

“The Corps of Engineers had come in about a year ago and done a major dredging project that was about 15 years overdue,” Mills said.

He explained that the dredge was originally six feet deep, but with improvements from the Army Corps of Engineers, it is now 17 to 23 feet.

“We have plenty of water, and what does that do for fishing? Well, now the water can move between the gulf and the lagoon, which it hasn’t been able to do for many years, and so the fishing has improved dramatically,” he said. .

The fishing destination attracts people from all over looking to catch drum, red snapper and trout.

Interest in events like the annual Port Mansfield Chamber of Commerce Fishing Tournament also draws a crowd.

Mills said there will soon be more than fishing in the harbor.

“In the future, probably in the next 60 to 90 days, we will have container barge services, other companies are coming in with potentially manufacturing, we have a concrete plant that already wants to be there,” a- he declared.

He said the projects could bring around $30 million in investment to Port Mansfield over the next two years.

“If the projects we’re working on come to fruition, we’ll end up with somewhere between 300 and 800 jobs,” Mills said.

Mills said that along with additional businesses and workers, they were also looking to have residential developments for workers to live in Port Mansfield.

“As an organisation, myself in particular, we strive to ensure that none of these developments have a negative impact on the environment and therefore on fishing and only on the environment in general”, Mills said.