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Popular Jezercica term taken over by Zminj-based Rudan company

October 24, 2021 – Zminj-based company Rudan has taken over one of the most popular locations of its kind throughout the Republic of Croatia as part of its latest big business move – Terme Jezercica.

As Jutarnji / Novac / Jozo Vrdoljak writes, Rudan, a Zminj company in Istria which is well known for its energy saving projects, has taken a step more and more towards tourism in recent years. The company recently took over the popular Terme Jezercica from its previous owners, Zrinka and Ivana Lekic, who are also known as owners of various retirement / care homes for the elderly and disabled. Graciano Rudan, the founder and owner of Rudan, has also taken over the management position at Terme Jezercica. Rudan reveals that his company has so far invested around 200 million kuna in various tourism projects.

As for Terme Jezercica, Rudan notes that his company’s development plan provides for the construction of another high-class hotel, and the existing hotel will be demolished to build a new one in its place. He added that the pools remain in good condition considering that they have been recently renovated. He is particularly pleased with the quality of the thermal water in the region, which he says is of such a quality that it can be used for consumption, which is quite rare.

Now comes the management team, then the investments in the Terme Jezercica region. If all goes according to plan, we may start part of the investments in Terme Jezercica in September of next year. Of course, this will all depend on how quickly the projects are developed and how quickly the building permit is obtained, ” explained Rudan.

“As a company, Terme Jezercica is currently in the process of merging with Rudan, and this is a process that has already started, so we are merging the tourism sector with a parent company,” Rudan pointed out.

In Vodice, the Rudan company has also acquired the Radin hotel and the Villa Antonina and Arausana hotels in recent years. They also have a 28 percent stake in Hotels Vodice. Three years ago they took over the Hotel Ucka on the mountain of Ucka, and given that it is a devastated hotel and a former INA complex, the hotel, as has revealed Graciano Rudan, is currently in its initial design phase. The Ucka hotel also has 32 rooms and sports grounds covering an area of ​​approximately 55,000 square meters in total.

As for the last tourist season, Rudan is satisfied.

“The tourist season has been above our expectations, and when we have completed all of the projects we had planned, we can expect a slow start to the return on investment. For now, we continue to operate in a sustainable manner, ” said Graciano Rudan.

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