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New products and stores to be launched during the cosmetics festival

Ti Gong

A variety of new beauty products will be launched during the festival.

The annual Shanghai International Cosmetics Festival kicked off as part of the citywide Double Five Shopping Festival.

This year’s festival takes place in both the real world and the metaverse space. Many new products and stores will open by September 30.

They include serums, lipsticks and face masks from international brands like L’Oreal, Sisley and Fenty Beauty, as well as domestic companies like Maogeping, Simpcare and Glowsis.

In addition, on September 9, the first Prada perfume store in China, the first Achmique beauty specialty store in Shanghai, and stores of popular emerging brands such as Baum, Hourglass, and Etat Libre D’Orange will open at the new Beauty Floor at B1 in the Real mall.

New products and stores to be launched during the cosmetics festival

Ti Gong

A Maogeping makeup show

The festival is held to promote Shanghai’s “beauty economy”, which is particularly strong in downtown Jing’an. The district has long been considered an excellent starting point for foreign beauty companies seeking to enter the Chinese market.

Kanebo from Japan, La Prairie from Switzerland, doTERRA from the United States, and L’Oréal, Sisley and L’Occitane from France, among others, have their regional headquarters here.

Jing’an announced a series of initiatives aimed at making its Nanjing Road W. site a “global showcase for cosmetics brands”.

According to the measures, well-known and competitive cosmetic brands will be entitled to an allowance of up to 6 million yuan if they establish a regional headquarters in the district.

The district also encourages cosmetic companies to use big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to provide personalized services, open metaverse platforms and launch NFT (non-fungible token) products, which are digital equivalents of real-world items.