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GREEN BAY – Green Bay Packers fans will see some green on Sunday. Lots and lots of green.

The Packers will wear what they call their classic uniforms for Sunday’s noon game against the Washington football team at Lambeau Field. The uniforms will consist of yellow helmets over green jerseys, green pants and green socks.

They are classic because they are not quite considered to be flashbacks. They are modeled after uniforms worn in the 1950s, but with some modern upgrades, such as more familiar, less tacky shades of green – read this as “no stripes” – socks.

Green and gold took on a different meaning than in the 1950s, when green was a brilliant Kelly color and gold looked like the pencil in your Crayola box of 64. Sunday helmets will be the familiar color, but without the “G”, which was only added in the Lombardi years.

This is the first time in six years that the Packers will wear alternate uniforms, if you don’t count the all-white versions they’ve worn a few times for national television.

And, because this is the NFL, there is also a retail component. The classic uniforms were showcased at the Packers Pro Shop in August, along with jerseys, hats, sidelines and other merchandise. The jerseys sold well, said Peggy Prebelski, Packers’ director of retail operations.

“We have sold a majority of (jerseys),” she said. “We still have some in stock. Our # 12 is still there. You’re still going to the bottom of that one anyway.”

Some popular jerseys that are not available in popular sizes are for Jaire Alexander, Davante Adams, and Aaron Jones. As mentioned, Aaron Rodgers jerseys are still available.

The others will be available again, but not immediately.

“Due to the supply chain, we really can’t receive any more jerseys until next year. It’s a three-year program,” said Prebelski.

Next year being January. Before the Super Bowl, if you check your schedule.

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Prebelski said a large number of sideline equipment, which will likely be on display on the actual sidelines on Sunday when temperatures are expected to hit the mid-1950s, are available. The secondary equipment is white.

The original uniforms were the second time the Packers wore green, said team historian Cliff Christl. The first dates back to the 1930s. The 1950s version could be worn with yellow, white or green pants. The modern version will include dark green pants. The uniforms will be worn one game per year for the next five years.

The Green Bay Packers created merchandise this year just for season ticket holders.

This year, the Packers also introduced merchandise only for season ticket holders, which resulted in season ticket holders asking them to get something special, like what is only available to shareholders.

In total, there are around 15 items, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, mugs and flags. Prebelski said about 35% of subscription holders have signed up to be able to purchase the equipment, which is not available on the Packers Pro Shop website unless a visitor is logged in.

The Green Bay Packers created merchandise this year just for season ticket holders.

“You need to have a subscription to view it and be able to log into the website,” said Prebelski. “We will expand (the selection) as soon as we have more season ticket holders in the system.”

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