New business

New Denver business owner shares struggles with supply chain issues and inflation

DENVER — A new fitness boxing studio has just opened in downtown Denver. But they faced challenges along the way.

Worth the Fight Boxing and Fitness opened in February. Co-owner Emily Stork says she and his wife, Gladys, have faced supply chain issues, problems hiring employees and high advertising costs.

They had to get creative in order to find ways to attract new customers. They held about 40 free classes and events to help attract more people.

But it’s a time when many are feeling the pain as inflation continues to rise.

“I hear from people, many who sign up, more than I expected, that they can’t make it work financially to pay,” Stork said. “That means we lose more people each month, which means we have to win more people to stay even. It’s one thing if someone leaves if they don’t like your service, but that’s is another if he says, “I love it, it’s great but I can’t afford it.”

“People being pushed to work long hours on minimum to average income as everything starts to go up, that’s a lot of pressure,” employee Michael Vaughn said.

He says they are doing what they can to accommodate those who are struggling financially but still want to retain their membership.

Despite all the challenges, Emily and Gladys are ready to fight to ensure the success of their business.

“There are so many challenges that we didn’t anticipate at all, but I mean once you get this far you have to keep moving forward, and when you solve obstacles you feel good,” said Stork.

Worth the Fight Boxing is located at 1999 Pennsylvania St.