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New company offers bike and kayak tours on Buckeye Lake

BUCKEYE LAKE – Jeff and Lynsey Comer have found a unique way to see Buckeye Lake and its attractions with their 3XP tours.

3XP Tours stands for paddles, hawkers and pints.

“I actually take people on tour,” Jeff Comer said. “It’s a kayak, bike, and beer tour. It’s the only one of its kind here on Buckeye Lake.”

Customers can choose between an eastern or western circuit. Tours begin with a 3-4 mile bike ride around the lake on the bike path and end at Buckeye Lake Brewery for a drink. Customers then walk to the adjacent 3XP office and board kayaks to other bars and restaurants for food and drink.

Tours last about five hours with about an hour spent on the bike.

There’s also a kids’ excursion called Kids and Kayaks where kids get a 30-minute kayaking lesson in a pond topped with ice cream.

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Jeff Comer can take a maximum of 10 people on tour. Customers do not rent bikes and kayaks and do not go out alone. Instead, he leads them on tours and said he would also only release one person if this situation arises.

“We didn’t have individual bookings, but we had couples for date nights,” he said. “And we’ve had a few groups of six where there are three couples booked.”

Jeff Comer said he has agreements with several Buckeye Lake bars and restaurants to partner with tours.

“Last summer I started studying lake trends,” he said. “So I decided that, yes, we were going to go. No one was doing that on the lake. There are other companies that rent bikes, which is great, and rent kayaks. But there’s no nothing like it.”

Comer said he and his wife love the outdoors, which is one of the reasons they started the new business.

“We just wanted to be outside,” he said. “We’re always outside hiking, biking, landing in the Jeep, and taking our boys a lot. So we wanted to create something that shows people the lake and how beautiful Buckeye Lake is. after they renovated it years ago.. And two, we just wanted to be outside.”

The business opened in November to try to catch Christmas trade, Jeff Comer said. Its first full season which will run until September.

Visits will start at 3 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays and at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays

Visit to book a tour, which costs $65 per person. Customers must pay for their own food and drink at each stop.

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