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New company created to spread the joy this Christmas

A naughty or nice Christmas pin.

Event after event canceled over the past two years, On Track Events sisters Emma Oliver and Sarah Ferguson have come up with a Covid-proof business this Christmas: North Pole Mail.

After hosting successful events in the past, including the North Pole Express that departs from Kāpiti, the Auckland and Kāpiti sisters decided they needed to start something that would not be affected by alert levels and Ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions.

They were supposed to host five events in 2020 and six more in 2021, but it all came to a screeching halt.

During the first foreclosure in 2020, knowing their own business was not going to be able to function, they began volunteering their time to create support systems for other local businesses, set up online marketplaces such as the Kāpiti online marketplace and other social media groups. which has given small business owners a way to promote and sell their products and services.

Emma Oliver and Sarah Ferguson aboard a locomotive at one of their past events.
Emma Oliver and Sarah Ferguson aboard a locomotive at one of their past events.

This year they worked on the creation of North Pole Mail, personalized letters from Santa Claus.

Forget a generic postcard response from Santa, these letters are sealed with Santa’s monogrammed wax seal with customization options including name, age, friends, family, what the child hopes to receive of Santa Claus, as well as any special accomplishments or milestones they have achieved.

“The last two years have been more than a little difficult for us,” said Sarah.

“Since our business is in events, we sat down earlier this year to consider what our options might be if we were still stuck at Christmas, we took a look at what we’re good at and what we’re passionate about, what is Christmas.

“Our family is a bit crazy about Christmas, that’s our thing, so we just kept going with that.

North Pole Mail special wax seal and gold leaf letterhead.
North Pole Mail special wax seal and gold leaf letterhead.

“As parents we understand how important the magical aspect of the season is to children and adults and we love being able to spread the Christmas wonder and joy that we create in our own homes with others. people.

“We grew up with it, we are all passionate about the mess and the Christmas feeling.

“Kids love a letter that arrives in their mailbox and what better than that, but a letter from Santa Claus arriving.”

With a specially created wax seal, personalized NZ Post stamps, letterheads with gold foil, and quality paper, the goal is to make it look like it’s from the North Pole.

North Pole Mail allows parents, grandparents and guardians to purchase a personalized letter for $ 12.50 from Santa Claus that will be mailed directly to the identified child.

“This is our chance to create something from New Zealand that is really beautiful and that feels authentic like it came from Santa Claus at the North Pole.”

In addition to your official North Pole Mail letter, the sisters have also offered additional items to purchase if people wish, such as a gold-plated Nice List pin dated the year, or Santa’s Magic Key for the Santa Claus can deliver gifts to children’s homes, even if they don’t have a fireplace.

“Because this is a national offering, we are aware of how people are feeling right now, tempering the excitement and joy slightly, knowing that some people are struggling right now.

“We wanted to create a product or service that we could easily deliver to people in their homes, even under restrictions.

“It also had to be something that would give people a bit of joy, especially the kids who had a really hard time during the blockages.”

To buy a letter for your visiting child or loved one

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