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New company aims to fix broken Rochester appliances – Reuters

ROCHESTER – A household name in Rochester is now getting into the appliance repair business.

Michael Suk Jr. and his father, mike suk, recently launched Mr. Appliance Rochester. The Suk are best known for their popular dry cleaning business, Nature’s Best Cleanserswhich has four locations in Rochester.

After years of servicing and repairing equipment at Nature’s Best, Michael Suk realized there was a need for more people to service residential customer appliances.

“A lot of guys who did that are retiring now,” he said. “So I thought it would be the best time to get into it, especially with my background.”

He chose Mr. Appliance, the largest franchisor of this type of business. Mr. Appliance provides training and support to Suks plus a technician and apprentice to repair refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, garbage disposals, compactors trash and even wine coolers.

Appliance repair, like car repair, is a very different business today than it was in the past.

“He went from all the mechanical stuff to all the control boards and computers. That’s where up-to-date training is important,” Suk said.

While Mr. Appliance Rochester repairs appliances for customers at Suk’s headquarters, he seeks a permanent base of operations in Rochester. If the business continues to grow as it did in its first few weeks, the hope is that it will need to add another technician in the near future.

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