New business

New commercial project between St Petrocks and AllSaints.

A charity for the homeless in Exeter, St Petrocks has partnered with a national clothing retailer to help the homeless in Exeter.

St Petrock’s, which provides services to homeless and poorly housed people in the city, has awarded AllSaints St Petrock’s Business Partner status.

Peter Stephenson, Director of St Petrock’s, said: “The pilot project with AllSaints builds on our existing Friends of St Petrock’s program and seeks to recognize local organizations who work with us in and around their workplaces to collect funds to help homeless people.

St Petrock’s offers AllSaints advertising on its social media channels, website and through any work with traditional media. He also provided the store with a printed Business Partner Award, which recognizes the mutually beneficial working relationship.

“AllSaints has been brilliant. Their staff kindly volunteer in our kitchen to help our busy cook prepare breakfasts and lunches for the homeless, they post collection boxes and flyers on their checkout counters and have even offered to help with our Paris street vintage clothing store, Petrock’s Place, by donating discontinued or out-of-season clothing. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and enthusiasm for our work with the homeless in and around the city.

John Burke, Exeter AllSaints Brand Leader, said: “We like every one of our stores to support a charity, as part of our philosophy is to give something back to the local community. We had known about the work of the St Petrock team for some time and really wanted to help. We will be supporting them in any way we can over the next few months, including volunteering in the kitchen. Doing breakfasts and lunches with Linda was great fun! It’s such a warm and friendly place.

“The work of St Petrocks is an inspiration to me and my team. We are thrilled to be part of a wonderful place. As the brand leader of Exeter AllSaints, I look forward to seeing what we achieve together.

Mr Stephenson added: “The AllSaints pilot is just the start. It’s a work in progress and we’re talking with some local business leaders about the most effective way to partner with local businesses to tackle homelessness in the city together while also granting generous and sustainability-conscious businesses community the recognition they deserve. We will be launching the fully developed business partnership initiative in the coming months. »

Local business leaders interested in becoming a St Petrock Business Partner should contact Claire Wright, Community Relations Manager at [email protected] in the first place.