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New Commercial Court opens in Cheyenne | Local news

Cheyenne – Today, Chief Justice Kate Fox announced the opening of the Wyoming Chancellery Court. A specialized court with limited jurisdiction, the Chancery Court will resolve cases and trust matters on an expedited schedule using active case management practices, expedited discovery and bench trials.

From day one, Chancery Court will be the pioneer of electronic filing. Lessons learned from the implementation of e-filing at Chancery Court should prove useful when e-filing is deployed in district courts statewide.

Three Wyoming District Court judges experienced in commercial litigation – Justices John Fenn, Richard Lavery and Steven Sharpe – will handle Chancellery Court cases until a full-time Chancellery Court judge is appointed. appointed in 2023. Once appointed, the full-time judge will operate a new courtroom located in the Thyra Thomson State Office Building.

Wyoming now joins about half of the states with commercial courts. These courts benefit state economies by providing cost-effective and speedy forums for resolving complex business disputes.

Coupled with Wyoming’s innovative legal framework for digital assets and blockchain technologies, the Chancery Court is expected to attract blockchain and cryptocurrency firms to the state.

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