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NB Man Quits High-Stress Job to Start New Farming Business


A New Brunswick man is finding success in his new career after leaving a very stressful job at the start of the pandemic.

For five years before the pandemic hit, Jonathan English ran a non-profit organization, working with prisoners.

“It was hard work,” English said.

“There are a lot of emotional challenges with it and there are a lot of challenges with the job, it was a great job, it was a great experience, but I sort of burned myself out after five years,” said- he declared.

On Friday, English opened its first farm stand in Tripp Settlement, New Brunswick, called Broad Meadow Farm – a big step for its growing business.

“So we decided, ‘Hey, let’s make the most of our situation and start going back to our agricultural roots and growing and raising food here,'” English said.

“We help bring good, healthy, local food to New Brunswick communities,” he said.

Residents are thrilled with the addition of the farm stand to the rural community.

“With gas prices right now, it’s really perfect to be able to pop up and get some fresh eggs, veggies and pastries, so we’re pretty tickled,” said Lana Brideau, who stopped at the farm. up Friday.

Food security is important to English, who says less than 10% of the province’s produce is grown locally.

“I love fresh produce and so do my kids, so we decided to stop by,” Whitney Brewer said of choosing her produce.

“It’s fabulous. You don’t have to drive into town, especially with gas prices, it makes it easier for us,” Brewer said.

English recently purchased farmland in Burtts Corner, New Brunswick, and hopes to expand his farm even further to provide more New Brunswickers with locally grown food.

“We hope to have a farm at Burtts Corner’s second farm one day,” said English.

“My dream is to create something for the community where you can produce food right in the field, see it produced, come and get your vegetables, your baked goods, your meats,” he said.

The Broad Meadow farm stand runs on the honor system and so far has worked without a hitch.