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MotoCAP adds thirteen new products

The Great Gear Rating Drive continues! Thirteen new MotoCAP safety ratings have been released, providing riders with safety ratings for eight jackets and five pairs of pants. MotoCAP is a partnership between several federal, state and industry agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Testing is performed by the Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials on behalf of MotoCAP Partners.

The men’s RST Kevlar Tech Pro CE denim pants and the BMW PaceGuard textile pants were the best performing kits in this test, receiving 4/5 stars for safety. The BMW PaceGuard Pants are now the highest performing non-denim textile pants for safety which have been tested for MotoCAP and scored 6/10 in the abrasion test, 8/10 in the impact test and 9/10 in the abrasion test. ‘burst. For thermal comfort, they rated 4/10 and they also received a ten out of ten for water resistance.

BMW’s pants scored for safety, as did the RSTs. Photo: MotoCAP

Ratings for the Men’s RST Kevlar Tech Pro CE Denim Pants include 7/10 in the abrasion test, 9/10 in the impact test and a solid 10/10 in the burst test. For thermal comfort, they rated 7/10. Water resistance was irrelevant.

Other newly rated pants were DriRider Air-Ride 2 Ladies, AlpineStars Stella Andes V3 Drystar WP, and Speed ​​and Strength Dogs of War 2.0. The AlpineStars pants received one star, while DriRider and Speed ​​and Strength walked away with half a point each.

Among the jackets, the Harley-Davidson Triple Vent System WP Worden jacket received a star as did the Alpine Stars Stella T-GP Plus R V3 Air. Ducati’s Flow C4+ Women scored two. None of the eight jackets achieved more than two stars.

It’s a good idea to check out the MotoCAP website if you’re interested in researching safety and other ratings for apparel you might be interested in buying. This has a lot more details about the tests and the results. See