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Moo Free invests in new machinery to manufacture three new products – Retail Times

Dairy-free chocolate connoisseurs, Moo Free has introduced a collection of dairy-free chocolate covered treats to its core line with the launch of Choccy Rocks. Individual snacks consist of Moofreesas, Bunnycomb and Chocolate Raisins.

To market the chocolate covered balls, Moo Free invested in the Devon factory with a new panning machine. This allows each ball of sweetness to be evenly coated in Rainforest Alliance, a delicious dairy-free milk chocolate.

Choccy Rocks, Dairy Free, Vegan Moofreesas (35g, RRP £1.20 (available

A ball of gluten-free malt, covered in Rainforest Alliance dairy-free milk chocolate.

Choccy Rocks, Dairy Free Vegan Bunnycomb (35g, RRP £1.20, available from

Chunks of Moo Free’s infamous vegan honeycomb, wrapped in Rainforest Alliance dairy-free milk chocolate.

Choccy Rocks, Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Raisins (35g, RRP £1.20, available from

Juicy, mouth-watering raisins coated in the same tasty Rainforest Alliance dairy-free milk.

Andrea Jessop, CEO of Moo Free comments, “Our mission is to make sure no one is left behind to enjoy the treats they know and love. Our innovation team has worked hard to research and test the best textures and flavors for the Choccy Rocks range. With everything new, we are constantly learning and adapting to improve the process, product delivery and end result.”

Since its launch in 2010, Moo Free has won over 100 Free-From and Vegan awards. Its enormous popularity stems from its appeal to people with allergies or following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The product line is dairy, gluten and soy free and uses high quality ethical chocolate.

Choccy Rocks is available to buy now from