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Monthly review of new features: November


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Pols Ice Cream Bites

European ice cream and dairy production and distribution group Food Union has announced an innovation for its old-fashioned ice cream brand Pols – Pols ‘Snow Peaks’ – a 15-bite box of cocoa ice cream shaped like a snow peaks.

“It’s about blurring the lines of product categories and leading the innovation cycle with creativity”said Sandra Usacheva, head of ice cream brand Food Union.

“Food Union’s group of brands rely on its connection with consumers to deliver very unique ice cream experiences and create frozen confectionery that is the next level of innovation. “

The new product was created by Food Union’s Riga-based Ice Cream Competence Center, where its R&D team develops and tests ice cream recipes for the Latvian and export markets.

Pols ‘Snow Peaks’ Ice Cream Bites are served in an environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard box that, when released into the environment, decomposes completely without leaving residue.

The new ice cream bites are available through the Food Union online store in Latvia, as well as in stores throughout Latvia and Lithuania.

Ekselence adds new flavors

Another Food Union brand, Ekselence, has also created a new line of ice cream in Latvia.

nov new excellence

The range is available in three flavors in 0.5 liter cardboard jars: Ekselence Pumpkin Spice Latté, which is a spicy ice cream with the taste of coffee latte and spicy pumpkin sauce; Ekselence Peanut Butter Crunch, which includes ice cream with caramel sauce and peanuts; and vanilla and chocolate Ekselence with cookie dough, with pieces of cookie dough in vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

There are also three flavors in the 1 liter pack: Ekselence Milk soufflé; Ekselence Banane & Chocolat; and Ekselence Vanille & Chocolat cookies.

Triballat Noyal launches the first vegetable drinks mixed with cow’s milk

French family business Triballat Noyal has launched a new beverage brand called Pâquerette & Compagnie, which combines cow’s milk with plant-based ingredients.

new nov Triballat Noyal

Triballat Noyal will present three new drinks under the Pâquerette brand. The new drinks are made up of 50% cow’s milk, collected in Brittany, and 50% of ingredients of plant origin: oats, almonds and hazelnuts.

Noëmie Buffet, product & category manager at Triballat Noyal, said: “Being experts in both dairy and plant-based products, this new 50/50 blend provides our consumers with a tasty and healthy drink. SIG’s combiblocMidi cardboard brick has already been well received by our consumers Sojasun and Sojade and is also the perfect packaging solution for our new Pâquerette brand. This responsible, practical and visually appealing packaging allows us to set ourselves apart in the retail sector and offer the best in sustainability to our consumers.

New from Violife

Alternative vegan dairy brand Violife was busy in November.

In the United Kingdom, it launched its Le Rond Camembert aroma.

new nov the round

Bianca Harris, Senior Director of Marketing at Violife, said: “At Violife, we are proud to offer our customers new flavors to savor with their loved ones. As Le Rond can be cooked any way you want – from baking to frying, customers can get creative with their dishes while being 100% sure it’s suitable for everyone. Having recently ventured into plant-based butter and cream, we are committed to continuing to innovate in the Dairy Alternatives category, and new flavors like Le Rond Camembert prove our mission to provide customers with 100% alternatives. vegans that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Rond Camembert Flavor Block can be purchased at Waitrose stores nationwide (RSP £ 3.00).

Another launch was its first vegan alternative to dairy cream: Viocreme.

The launch of Viocreme allows Violife to further expand its portfolio of dairy alternatives with its first vegan alternative to cream. Violife’s latest innovation joins the recently launched Vioblock, the brand’s first buttery alternative, and Viospread.

Viocreme is made up of seven ingredients: a blend of coconut and rapeseed oils, lentil protein, natural flavor, corn starch, beet sugar and rock salt.

new nov video

Harris said, “At Violife, we are committed to continuing to innovate in the Alternative Dairy Products category and we are delighted to see our first cream alternative, Viocreme, hit the shelves. 100% vegan, Viocreme can be enjoyed by everyone and, as it largely emulates the properties of dairy cream, it is truly versatile. By joining Vioblock and Viospread, we are delighted to now offer a more complete line of dairy alternatives, beyond cheese alternatives, to flexitarians, vegans or vegetarians looking for plant-based dairy products that taste great. and act like the real ones.

Viocreme is available at ASDA stores nationwide (RSP £ 1.50).

Tex Mex Flavor Rated and new Mozzarella Flavor Slices have also been added to its portfolio.

Tex Mex Flavor Rated and Mozzarella Flavor Slices can be purchased at Waitrose stores nationwide (both £ 2.65 RSP).

Marmite partners with Ilchester to launch Marmite Cheddar Cheese Wedge

British cheese maker Ilchester has teamed up with Marmite to create the Ilchester Marmite Cheddar Cheese 180g Wedge, which is available at 224 Waitrose stores across the UK, with a suggested retail price of £ 2.15.

“A slice of cheese with a Marmite scratch on toast; cheese and Marmite sandwiches; toasts ; cheese and Marmite muffins … strong consumer demand for such a product, we thought it was more than ever time to create this tasty combination “,said Dorota Dziedzic, deputy brand manager for Ilchester.

nov new cooking pot

Dziedzic said that with more people still working from home, salty snack options are popular, and cheese toast was named earlier this year as the most popular snack during the lockdown.

“In addition, our Ilchester Marmite Cheese Bites are in the top five popular snack fillets for adults, growing 8.3% in sales over the past 52 weeks. ”

Jo Gunn, senior licensing manager for Unilever, the makers of Marmite, said: “Our research has shown that over the years, pot and cheddar in sandwiches or on toast have been a very popular savory snack option.”

Enlightened go north

Enlightened, the New York-based dessert brand, has expanded its retail presence in Canada with two new product lines inspired by the best-selling cheesecakes and ice cream bars in the United States. Made with no added sugar, Enlightened’s new keto-friendly products are now available at Loblaws supermarket and Sobeys.

nov new enlightened

The launch includes five chocolate coated ice cream bars: Caramel Dark Chocolate Peanut; Double Chocolate; Mint chocolate; Peanut butter chocolate; and Almond Dark Chocolate Vanilla.

It also offers classic mini cheesecakes or strawberry cakes.

Earlier this year, Enlightened launched its first Canadian-only keto-friendly pints made with 0g of sugar and expanded to Costco Canada with keto-friendly ice cream bars. Enlightened is made from natural sweeteners – erythritol, monk fruit, and xylitol.

Enlightened is available across Canada at stores like Costco, 7-Eleven, Metro, Food Land, Whole Foods and more.

NotCo launches NotMilk chocolate

NotCo, the U.S. food technology company that creates plant-based options that it says taste, feel, cook and function just like their animal-based counterparts, has launched NotMilk Chocolate.

nov new milk without milk

NotMilk Chocolate is now available in 64 oz. cartons via Fresh Direct and via Amazon in an 8 oz take-out format. format.

NotMilk chocolate is made from a combination of 100% plant-based ingredients such as peas, pineapple, cabbage and cocoa.

“Chocolate milk is a classic, but there are no options – whether animal or plant-based – where chocolate is the star and the true creamy, indulgent taste that we should expect from chocolate comes through. “said Matias Muchnick, CEO and Founder of NotCo.

Like all other NotCo foods, NotMilk chocolate was created by the brand’s patented AI technology, Giuseppe, which creates plant-based products.

The brand is present in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

NotMilk is available nationwide on Whole Foods Market, Stop & Shop, Harris Teeter’s, Sprouts, Wegmans, D’Agostino’s, Kings / Balducci’s, Harmons, New Seasons, Earth Fare, Bristol Farms, Rouses, Weis, Gelson’s Markets and Moreover. to the upward trend Imperfect Foods and vegan e-commerce site Vejii.

Halo Top brings back seasonal ice cream

In the United States, Halo Top has reintroduced its seasonal Gingerbread House flavor.

It features light gingerbread ice cream, bites of gingerbread cookies and frosting, with 360 calories and 19 grams of protein per pint.

Gingerbread House pints are on the shelves until the end of the year.