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Meta announces new business messaging tools, including improved WhatsApp ad creation

Meta announced new options to help brands use its messaging tools, including improved announcement creation on WhatsApp, merging WhatApp messages into the Meta Business Suite inbox, and quote requests on Instagram.

First, on WhatsApp – by improving the WhatsApp ad creation flow, businesses will soon be able to create and launch their campaigns in the WhatsApp Business app, instead of having to switch apps to complete them.

The current process requires various app switches to activate a campaign, which can be annoying, especially since you can create and launch campaigns in most other business dashboards. Soon, this intermediate element will be erased, which will help streamline the process of promoting WhatsApp.

Meta is also looking to continue its great strides in unifying messaging, with the merger of WhatsApp messages in your inbox into Meta Business Suite.

WhatsApp inbox

This will make it easier to manage your business messaging interactions, while helping you scale your touchpoints, so you can offer more ways for people to get in touch through the platform of their choice.

Eventually, all your different Meta inboxes (Messenger, WhatsApp, IG Direct) will be integrated into one, so you can continue your private chats in any app you choose. Meta has delayed that process until at least 2023 so it can address regulatory concerns about expanding email encryption, but this new integration is another small piece of that larger push.

Meta too test a new capability that would allow companies to send promotional message campaigns via Messenger to customers who sign up.

“For example, a customer can choose to receive notifications about upcoming sales, allowing businesses to keep customers informed of future sales. SMBs have long told us that Meta Business Suite allows them to more effectively respond to customer requests customers, but they have often relied on other solutions for customer re-engagement.With this feature, SMBs will have a new tool to drive sales and customer retention in Meta Business Suite.

Setting up an email campaign

On another front, Meta is also adding “Lead Filtering” to Facebook, which will allow business owners to filter out low-quality leads by offering potential customers a multiple-choice question in their Lead Ad Instant forms.

Meta also gives brands more content options in Instant Forms, including downloadable images and PDFs.

And finally, on Instagram, Meta will now allow businesses to get quotes from potential customers via a questionnaire that will be displayed before starting a conversation.

Currently in testing with select businesses, this free product allows businesses to put a “Get a Quote” button on their Instagram profile and use “Get a Quote” stickers in Stories. With this Stories button or sticker, businesses can set up custom questions to ask customers before starting a conversation.

Messaging is still a tough thing for Meta to break, at least revenue-wise. Although billions of people use its messaging platforms every day, inserting advertisements, Meta’s most trusted business model, is not an option, and as such Meta always tries to establish the best models, with WhatsApp in particular offering huge potential if it can. to do things well.

Meta had hoped to follow the lead of major Chinese messaging platforms, which have become essential connection tools for many elements of Chinese users’ daily lives, but Western audiences have not warmed to messaging in the same way. way. Still, WhatsApp is an essential tool in many emerging markets, and Meta still has the option of converting it into a business platform as well, which new updates like these ideally work for.

This seems like a ripe opportunity – the ability to reach new markets through increased messaging exposure, which could help drive new business.

This isn’t yet a key consideration, but it’s worth exploring which messaging apps your target audience uses and whether you’re reachable through the platforms they’re on.