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Mequiar’s Announces New Products at SEMA

It’s always a good day when Meguiar’s announces a new product. If you didn’t think it was going to happen during SEMA this year, you would be sadly mistaken. Meguiar has just announced that it will be adding not one, but three killer new items to its lineup that should arrive just in time for you to shine right before next season’s first big show.

Two of the three new items focus on making sure your wheels and tires are up to snuff. Perhaps the most eye-catching is the new shine of Meguiar’s ceramic hybrid tires. By now we are all familiar with ceramic protective coatings, but their use on tires may come as a surprise to many. It makes sense, though. The obvious advantage is durability over the alternative, but that’s not all Meguiar is focusing on. A glossy finish is combined with fade protection, excellent water resistance and very little slinging. That’s about all you can ask of a tire shiner, and it’ll be interesting to see how the ceramic technology holds up in the wheel arch.

The other wheel and tire product announced by Meguiar is a new addition to the Hot Rims line, with a particular focus on black wheels. Meguiar’s Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner is a foaming gel that easily breaks down road grime, but is safe to use on gloss, matte, satin and black chrome finishes. As you’d expect, it’s even safe to use on black trim.

Meguiar’s covers the rest of the car with its new Ultimate Insane Shine paint shiner. This is basically your cheat code for a super shiny finish without breaking polishing or even waxing equipment. Just apply it with a microfiber and go. This will make that paint pop and even cover up some imperfections, giving you more time to enjoy your car. It might not replace the alternatives when your paint job gets a little desperate, but it will certainly save those of you who are proud of your car a bit of elbow grease when you don’t have time for everything. TO DO.

Unfortunately, you cannot collect these items yet. All three are slated to hit shelves in early 2023. Meguiar’s pegged its Ultimate Insane Shine paint shiner at an MSRP of $14.99, Hot Rims black wheel cleaner at $12.99, and its tire shine in hybrid ceramic at $14.99.

This all sounds like a great way to shake up your cleaning process just in time for the pre-season details, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you like to prepare your car for spring? Do these new products from Meguiar’s sound like something you would use? Let us know how they fit into your process.

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