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Megalabs USA announces the launch of two new products in the North American market: Abintra and Glutapak R

Wound Healing and Gut Health Supplements Debut in Booth 1339 at the NACDS Total Store Expo

BOSTON, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Megalabs UNITED STATES, a subsidiary of Megalabs Inc., which manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements across the Americas, has added two new products, Abintra and Glutapak R, to its North American portfolio. These additions join the brand’s other science-based nutritional products, including Enterex Diabetic, a nutritionally complete high-protein shake specially formulated for people with diabetes, and Prunelax, a popular line of laxative supplements.

Megalabs UNITED STATES CEO Fabien Rivero said the portfolio expansion further supports the company’s mission. “We are passionate about creating products that improve the lives of our customers,” Rivero said. “These new products offer proven, evidence-based therapies, and I couldn’t be prouder to bring them to our North American markets.”

Abintra is Megalabs the United States dietary supplement formulated to promote wound healing. Although an often overlooked aspect of wound care, nutrition is a key factor in wound healing. Abintra contains a unique combination of arginine, glutamine, high quality protein and antioxidant vitamins and minerals in a fast dissolving powder. The formula works to promote tissue synthesis and wound healing from within.

Glutapak R is a probiotic glutamine supplement for gut health and gut healing. Glutapak R is currently the only therapeutic gut product on the market that both restores healthy gut microflora with a clinically proven probiotic and helps repair gut damage with glutamine. Although the products have just been launched, they are already receiving positive reviews, especially among healthcare providers.

“As doctors have long known, good nutrition is a key aspect of wellness,” Rivero said. “Products like Abintra and Glutapak R support optimal nutrition where it matters most, which is why we’ve seen such a positive reception for them within the healthcare community.”

Abintra and Glutapak R are available on Glutapak R can also be found in Navarro and other premises Miami pharmacies.

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Megalabs UNITED STATES is a subsidiary of Megalabs, an international pharmaceutical company that manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements throughout the Americas, including United States and Canada. It distributes over-the-counter products formulated with plant extracts known for their medicinal properties, combining them with nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals to produce highly effective products for various wellness categories. Our mission is to develop and market effective over-the-counter medicines and nutraceuticals, preferably of natural origin, that improve the health and quality of life of our customers. The Company’s products are readily available in all markets of the Americas through subsidiaries and distributors who are very committed to our brands and active in multiple retail channels, including drug, food, mass and e-commerce. Our vision has led us to build a successful multinational company with quality and effective products in the essential categories of over-the-counter medicines and nutraceuticals. And we have achieved this while adhering to the rigorous standards and procedures required for drug manufacturing to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products. Megalabs UNITED STATES develops and provides effective over-the-counter products and supplements that use natural ingredients to improve people’s health and quality of life.

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