New business

Manufacturing plant could bring new business to Dodge County

Recycled furniture company SoPoly is expected to create about 200 new jobs in Eastman.

DODGE COUNTY, Ga. — Governor Brian Kemp announced that recycled furniture company SoPoly is expanding.

The $5 million expansion is expected to create more than 200 new jobs over the next five years, according to Charles Williams, executive director of the Dodge County Eastman Development Authority.

He says the people from Eastman are ready to work at the plant.

“You can’t find a person here who isn’t as excited as I am. You really couldn’t. People love it. There are so many brilliant people out there who want to work and be paid a living wage, and that’s what’s going on here,” Williams said.

However, business in Eastman, Georgia became much more pleasant.

Justin Barnett is the owner of Frozen Bean in Dodge County. He said the SoPoly expansion is a good thing.

“We couldn’t be happier for SoPoly to grow,” Barnett said.

For Barnett, that means more froyo to serve, but more importantly, new customers.

“That means we’re getting to more people to serve coffee, candy, yogurt and everything else to,” Barnett said.

SoPoly makes durable outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs and lounge chairs. They also make outdoor dining tables and side tables.

Barnett is also a board member of the Dodge County Chamber of Commerce. He says this expansion will help small businesses like Frozen Bean.

“I think it’s good for the community. It’s going to help all of us grow,” Barnett said.

Williams says SoPoly’s expansion is the start of something bigger.

“This business has just started and is a year old at this point. It has about 30+ people today and a long-term plan for the next 2-5 years. It will continue to grow. said Williams.

Robert Pruitt is the President and CEO of SoPoly and the State Representative for Dodge County. Williams says Pruitt bringing the job to his hometown is part of the spirit of Dodge County.

“A boy from his hometown coming back and doing this kind of work is amazing. We’re all very proud of him and excited for his company and all the people who work here,” Williams said.

If you are interested in working at SoPoly, here is the link to apply.