New business

Local baker rises to the occasion with new venture

Since graduating from high school, 22-year-old Jillian Lassaline has dreamed of running her own bakery.

After two years of college and a pandemic, her plans came to fruition with the opening of Jillian’s Bakery in the square at 400 Laclie Street in late June.

The bakery will hold its grand opening event on Friday, complete with a groundbreaking ceremony and a giveaway of cookies for the first 50 customers.

Current mainstays of Lassaline’s menu include sourdough bread, croissants and scones, but new items will be routinely rotated, she said.

“I change what I have every week. I love getting feedback from customers so I know what to keep reporting,” Lassaline said. OrilliaMatters.

“My scones, croissants and sourdough bread are my biggest sellers so I like to have them all the time, but everything else I like to have a bit of a spin just so I don’t get bored and so that my clients are not bored with what I have.

Lassaline’s commitment to bringing freshly baked goods to her stall has forced her to work odd hours.

She starts cooking at midnight, then runs her shop between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

“Everything gets here the same day, super fresh,” she said.

Lassaline was first inspired to pursue a career in baking through an extracurricular course with Georgian College after graduating from high school.

After graduating from George Brown College’s Baking and Pastry Program, she began building her clientele through the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market.

“I worked my way to it,” she said. “I was working on my booth at the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market. I have a stall there every Saturday and for the past few years have also worked at the Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market.

So far, Lassaline’s work in the area has led to good business.

” It was great. Again, it’s only been two weeks, but I’ve had a lot of people who knew me before I opened and have come to show their support, and I’ve had a lot of new people from the area who have come because that they saw my ‘open’ sign,” she said.