New products

Leviton adds 5 new products to its Decora Smart offering


Leviton announced the expansion of its Decora Smart product line. The latest devices expand the possibilities for smart lighting control, including a new neutral-free light switch and dimmer for people living in older homes, as well as two new 2nd generation devices compatible with multiple smart home assistants.

The new products share the same core set of features that Decora Smart users appreciate, including remote control, the ability to create and manage schedule and scenes, and their “choice of voices”.

“Expanding the capabilities of our My Leviton smart home solution with these new Decora Smart devices means that more homes, despite differences in electrical wiring, can experience the benefits and convenience of smart lighting control,” says Greg Rhoades, director of marketing, smart and new technology products, at Leviton. “Our innovative solutions are designed to work together, seamlessly, to deliver a rich user experience. Plus, our full line of Decora Smart products work with a wide range of complementary smart platforms, including IFTTT, SmartThings, and Schlage, for added functionality and convenience.

To meet the demand for smart lighting in homes without a neutral wire in the switch wall box, Leviton has designed its Decora Smart Zero-Neutral Switch and Neutral-Neutral Dimmer to work with its new compact Wi-Fi Bridge and discreet. Together, these three devices bring the benefits and convenience of smart lighting control to older homes, says the manufacturer.

Leviton’s new Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Generation Motion Sensing Dimmer combines two primary lighting control functions, sensing and dimming, into one device. Ideal for homes with existing neutral wires in the wallbox, the motion-sensing dimmer features ambient light sensing, nighttime preset setting, built-in guide light, motion snooze, and occupancy response of the My Leviton room.

Rounding out the expanded lineup is the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Gen 2 tamper-proof outlet, now HomeKit-enabled and offering benefits such as on/off control of general-purpose outlet loads up to 15A and Companion compatibility Leviton Anywhere Switch.