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KOL Marketing Platform – Kolify launches new products to pay for online knowledge

Kolify, a new KOL online marketing brand, recently officially launched new products, which are two knowledge payment products polished by the expert team with millions of Tiktok followers.

This product will effectively help creators and KOLs on TikTok better use their influence to create value and earn profits by gaining professional knowledge and mastering the right tools and resources.

The new knowledge payment products released by Kolify this time are online KOL traffic achievement and practical learning and operating package. In view of the difficulty that KOL can only achieve short-term benefits, through the teaching of professionals, the courses of the Tiktok knowledge realization system and the sharing of practical operation tools of realization, and the provision students of 1-to-1 expert-level services and resources to create matrix accounts.

Drawing on over 10 years of global teaching experience from the parent company, Kolify has provided tools and resources that can be directly used for the entire course through learning and practice. Both of these courses were taught by experts with millions of followers on Tiktok and Douyin.

Nowadays, more and more people rely on their influence to earn a living, such as the business model of influencer marketing. On the one hand, some influencers have a certain number of followers in a certain segment of the network and enjoy deep follower trust. On the other hand, many brand merchants who want to market using the influencer marketing mode do not have a direct way to reach KOLs. Accordingly, the KOL online marketing platform is emerging as the times demand.

The KOL Kolify online marketing platform has been running since this year. Through the precipitation of data and feedback from thousands of users, it has carried out numerous optimization iterations, aiming to better help brand merchants reach users with high-quality products by empowering KOLs and with l helped by the influence and trust of KOLs.

As a global KOL marketing platform, Kolify not only provides brand promotion and cooperation services for creators and influencers, but also provides comprehensive knowledge payment services for people who want to engage in influencer marketing on Tiktok, from platform rules to account operation, from resource matching to sharing tools, to realize the advanced way from normal people to professional online influencers.

It is reported that Acadsoc, the parent company of Kolify, is a world famous internet company. It was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2011. Over the past decade, it has not only accumulated rich teaching experience, but also mastered rich teaching skills.

In the future, Kolify will develop more convenient and popular knowledge payment products to help more people influence marketing, and is committed to building a bridge between thousands of merchants and influencers.

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