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Kilo Health launches new products that can change people’s lives (and transform digital health as we know it)

New products from Kilo Health: how they are transforming the digital health landscape and changing lives in the process

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 7, 2022 / – Kilo Health is a leader in digital health and a boon to patients around the world. The company was recently named the 2nd fastest growing company in all of Central Europe: The Deloitte Technology Fast 50, it is best known for designing and integrating functional technology that considers the individual first rather than their conditions or concerns.

As the organization grows, it adds new capabilities to meet the needs of more patients. Find out why employees are excited to offer new products that change people’s lives.

What are the new products?

Kilo Health recently debuted the following three products:

Klinio: This app helps people with diabetes take sustainable steps to manage their disease.

Sensa: Based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, this mental health app is designed to promote general well-being and better sleep.
Cardi Health: This app helps individuals manage high blood pressure and cholesterol for better cardiovascular health.

This digital health technology was developed in the presence of experts who have constantly looked into the effectiveness of each feature. The research and efforts of the Kilo Health team have resulted in programs that can reach people with intuitive tools and streamlined advice.

The Kilo Health formula: why these products are welcome on the market

From therapy to blood tests to blood pressure checks, it is not always easy for patients to get the treatment they need. Doctors often prescribe based on the best case scenario, which often doesn’t take into account an individual’s schedule, lifestyle, or even budget.

These products were designed to solve some of the problems that hamper well-being. We’ll take a look at the goals of each technology and how they differ from what’s currently available.
Klinio helps people adjust their approach to everything from their diet to their routine. Instead of causing anxiety about their diabetes, it provides individuals with a virtual caregiver who helps them design their own path to a better life.

Without pressure, it encourages people to eat better, exercise more, and give their bodies more of what it needs to thrive. From educational content to an ever-changing meal plan to activity tracking, Klinio allows users to see and celebrate their progress instead of worrying about their absence.


Stress is a central theme in the life of every human being. It is a necessary element that has the power to trigger beneficial changes. When stress cannot be managed, it can quickly turn into anxiety and depression.

Sensa was created to relieve these chronic illnesses by providing helpful advice based on proven tactics (eg, cognitive behavioral therapy). By developing a specific guide for each user, this app helps people learn how they can apply the principles of mental wellness to real life situations.

Cardi Health

The cardiovascular system is not only vital, it is also one of the most common sources of serious health problems. Plus, it’s easy to ignore a problem in this area until it gets out of hand.

Whether it’s high cholesterol or high blood pressure, the Cardi app helps people track their condition, understand numbers, and share details with their healthcare team. From the application to the Smart Pill bottle and the blood pressure monitor, the tools are connected, advanced and designed for the pocket.

The demographic target for Kilo Health

Kilo Health was formed with patient engagement in mind. With the launch of these new products, the target is anyone who feels they need more from their current suppliers when it comes to managing their relevant conditions.

This could be someone with a busy schedule who doesn’t have time to drive to a therapist. Or someone with diabetes who feels their target numbers are so far away from where they are now that it might not even be worth trying to improve. It could even be someone who just wants an easier way to monitor their blood pressure.

There are so many obstacles in the way of health that the jump can seem overwhelming. Kilo Health breaks down the process into meaningful and bite-sized steps, offering personalized support every step of the way. The company’s proven methodologies explain why the company has millions of paying users around the world.

The future of Kilo Health products

This company is an innovator in digital health that will continue to push the boundaries of what healthcare looks like in today’s modern times. We believe the consumer-centric approach is the future of healthcare. Only by genuinely engaging and empowering people can we shift the focus from treating conditions to preventing them. – organization provides people with easier ways to understand what they are feeling and what they are doing. Its members can expect not only improvements to current products in the future, but also new programs for different conditions down the line.

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