Opening branches

KFC and Toni Macaroni will not open branches in Glenrothes

There will be no “finger licking” at Glenrothes after KFC pulls out.

The two food stores were slated to move into The Henge Shopping Park on North Street, currently home to Food Warehouse and Marks & Spencer, the latter opening next month.

Keith Davidson, CEO of Easy Living Developments, said Tony Macaroni had put the movement “on hold at best” while he conducted a review.

He also revealed that KFC dropped out after plans were submitted for a drive-thru at a North Street parking lot site.

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However, a request for two drive-through restaurants in the parking lot next to the YMCA building was turned down in December.

The Fife Council Planning Department has expressed concerns that the road layout is too restrictive to allow more cars in the area.

He said the two units would also result in insufficient parking for the Kingdom Center.

Despite this setback for KFC, Mr Davidson said he was not sure they would return to The Henge.

“Whether they come back or not, we don’t know,” he said. “But I don’t think so.”

While KFC and Tony Macaroni may have pulled out of development, one of the site’s three empty units has been taken over.

Tanning salon operator Indigo Sun will be relocating to The Henge and is expected to open in February.

Food Warehouse became the first outlet for the new shopping park to open in November.

The Henge retail park was built on the site of the former CISWO.

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