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Juicetou announces the expansion of its site with new products and reviews


Juicetou is pleased to announce the expansion of its website with the latest arrivals of juicers and blenders and their in-depth reviews. Today, with the growing awareness of artificial preservatives and additives in store-bought juices, more and more people are turning to homemade juices, shakes and drinks. However, with each passing day, several brands are launching different models making it difficult for the average consumer to choose. This site is an attempt to help buyers make informed decisions based on their needs and budget. Here are some popular juicers on the market today.

Juicetou – Power XL citrus juicer

The Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer is the perfect gadget for any juice. Backed by powerful twin gears and a 3-stage juice extraction system, this juicer crushes, squeezes and blends every ounce of antioxidant in fresh fruits and vegetables. The Greenstar Elite Juicer Introductory Video talks more about this economical and lifelong product.

Champion Juicer is considered a commercial juicer and builds on nearly 50 years of history in this industry. This juicer boasts of extravagant, full-bodied juices than any other machine. Besides ordinary vegetable and fruit juices, this machine can also be used for crispy fruit juices needed for sauces, infant foods, spreads, sorbets, yogurts, smoothies, etc. For a family with different choices, this Champion Juicer must be on that kitchen counter.

Ninja bl610 vs bl710wm professional blender comparison helps buyers to understand these two models in detail. In the sequel, the professional ninja mixer nj600 is also compared to the ninja bl610. Ninja juicers are known for their elegant designs and outstanding performance. The in-depth article also talks about other juicers available from this brand to help customers choose wisely.

For those who like clear juices, Omega Juicers are the best choice. Here in this article, the reviewer compares two popular models, the J8008C and the J8006HDS, which are top rated masticated juicers. These models are often compared to other mixers, however, the author suggests that they are different despite the similarities in functionality.

Those who consume pomegranate juice should read this Turkish juicer article. The post also features various manual juicers in this category. These juicers are known for their sturdy body, stable operation, and complete juice extraction. They can also be used for orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, etc.

Citrus fruits are packed with antioxidants, and dieticians advise people to drink a glass of citrus juice every day. The Breville juicer is available in different models available in all price ranges. While the Breville BCP600 SIL citrus juicer is made from BPA free plastic, the 800CPXL is made from a motorized pressure mold. The Eurolux electric juicer is also a bestseller in this category.

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