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Jude’s low-calorie vegan ice cream and 6 other new products


Healthy Kids Cookies from Snackzilla

A new healthy snack brand, Snackzilla, has entered the scene, and their healthy oatmeal cookies for kids are now on trial in select Sainsbury’s stores.

HFSS-compliant vegan cookies are available in chocolate and golden syrup flavors.

The cookies are made in a family owned Yorkshire bakery and have 50% less sugar than the average sweet cookie, just 99 calories per cookie, are high in fiber and free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The brand is also collaborating with Give.Help.Share, exclusively for the Sainsbury’s trial. For each box sold, Snackzilla will donate a cookie to the charity for the healthy eating workshops it organizes in schools.

Rebel Kitchen launches high fiber snacks

Rebel Kitchen Bytes

They are best known for their dairy free drinks, but Rebel Kitchen has now launched sugary snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs.

The crisp, bite-sized snacks are called Coconut Bytes and come in chocolate and caramel flavors.

They are vegan, organic, and made from simple, minimally processed ingredients.

Bytes are available for purchase on Amazon and the brand’s website for £ 1 per 26g sachet.

Mr Stanley’s Divine Vegan Fondant

Mr Stanleys vegan fudge

British gourmet fudge brand Mr Stanley’s has expanded its line to offer a sweet vegan treat, Divine Vegan Fudge.

The fudge is handcrafted according to an original recipe using traditional fudge-making methods and promises the same crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture as traditional butter fudge.

With a swirl of sweet caramel and a dash of sea salt, this decadent vegan fudge is deliciously plus-ish and makes a charming gift for a loved one or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

The fudge can be purchased from Mr Stanley’s website for £ 6.99 per well-packed box.

Sacla ‘launches beet pizza bases

Sacla Beet Pizza Base

Sacla ‘gave the humble pizza base a full veggie makeover with the launch of its Beetroot Pizza Base, which is 25% veggie.

Perfect for getting kids to eat their veg, or for bringing some extra nutrition into your day, these pizza bases are available now from the Asda, Ocado, and Sacla website for a suggested retail price of $ 3.29. £ for two bases.

XITE launches protein bars for your brain

XITE Vegan Bars

XITE, known for its nootropic energy drinks, is changing the game of on-the-go snacks with an all-new Nootropic Protein Bar – which promises to help you think, feel and perform at your best.

Considered the UK’s first nootropic protein bar, the bars come in two tasty vegan flavors: White Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel.

All-natural bars are available on the XITE website for £ 1.49 per bar.

For more inspiration for World Vegan Month purchases, check out the 50,000 products now certified by the Vegan Society.


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