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JD 5 Series Utility Tractors | New products

John Deere announces updates to its 5 Series utility tractors that include more options to make it easier to match the right tractor to the job.

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For the 2023 model year, the 5E Series three-cylinder versions offer a new Premium Cab option, an engine that does not require emissions-related regeneration, larger tire options, an option for a true third function at mid-valve for easier loader and grapple operation, and three new model numbers. Four models are offered in the three-cylinder 5E range and include the 5050E, available with an open operator station, and the 5060E, 5067E and 5075E, available in an open operator station, standard cab or premium cab.

The engine from the larger 6M utility tractor will now be used in four-cylinder versions of the 5M and will bring an additional five horsepower, with new model options, the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M and 5130M. The 5075M remains in the lineup for a 74hp three-cylinder option, available with either an open cab or station. High output, low profile models will also receive a power boost and will include the 5105MH, 5105ML, 5120ML and 5130ML.

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