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Hyvia unveils two new hydrogen utility vehicle prototypes for 2022, Auto News, ET Auto


New Delhi: After the reveal of Renault Master Van H2-TECH last month, Hyvia, the joint venture between Renault and Plug Power, plans to launch two more H2 prototypes, which will be launched as production vehicles from 2022 .

The two hydrogen prototypes which have just been unveiled are also light commercial vehicles and are equipped with a 30 kW fuel cell assembled in France. The integration of vehicles, electric motors and hydrogen is also made in France, the company said in a statement.

New products include a platform chassis and a minibus – the duo are officially called Master Chassis Cab H2-Tech and Master City Bus H2-Tech.

“After less than six months of existence, we have unveiled three Light Commercial Vehicles powered by Hydrogen: a Van, a Chassis Cab and a City Bus, to meet different uses, for professional fleets or territories. We also unveiled our Hydrogen Refueling Station, to offer the customer refueling options where the hydrogen infrastructure is still in development. Hyvia offers concrete solutions to be on the right track to meet the challenges of green hydrogen mobility and transport decarbonization ”, said David Holderbach, CEO of Hyvia.

With a range of approximately 250 km, the Master Chassis Cab H2-Tech allows more uses for professionals to extend the range for heavy loads and intensive use. It is equipped with a 33 kWh battery and tanks containing 3 kg of hydrogen (2 tanks of 1.5 kg each) at 700 bars. The vehicle features on-board hydrogen technology, improving fuel cell operation and hydrogen flows, the company said.

Meanwhile, Master City Bus H2-TECH allows a range of approximately 300 km, it can carry up to 15 passengers (9 seated, 6 standing) and transport included with wheelchair accessible. It meets the needs of businesses, municipalities and local public services. It comes with a 33 kWh battery and a tank containing 4.5 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar.

Both vehicles will be available with green hydrogen production and distribution solutions.