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Hyattsville entrepreneur finds new business selling face masks


Courtesy of Bianca + Jean

Mia Montgomery intended her online store to sell children’s clothing on consignment, but when the coronavirus pandemic began she turned to a different business model.

After starting Bianca + Jean in October 2020, the Hyattsville contractor switched to selling hand-sewn masks in January. They now represent 95 percent of its sales, followed by hair accessories and market bags.

“The need for fashionable, well-made, reusable and comfortable masks really took off when I posted pictures of myself wearing the masks,” she told the Hyattsville Wire. “Over time, I added other products that were durable and that I thought other families would appreciate too.”

While making the masks herself, Montgomery works with a group of mothers in Bangladesh to make the market bags and sells other branded products owned by mothers. She hopes to expand her product line and add more to the online store.

Eventually, Montgomery said she wanted to open a physical store where she would sell her own products and hold events.

In the meantime, you can buy Bianca + Jean, named after her daughters’ middle names, via his online store, To Atlantic Pyramid Art Center and the Riversdale and Palisades agricultural markets. You can also consult his shop on Instagram.

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